Working with MIDI and digital audio

In order to work with the wires and MIDI with the ‘digital audio via “sequencer” it would be good to have a PC with a standard configuration equal to or greater than a Gig of Ram with Windows 7 or higher, CD-ROM, a hard disk good capacity (but not less than 40Gb) and, above all, a good quality sound card, preferably with digital output (a now common Sound Blaster  is fine). So even a computer at all recently can ‘safely perform the simple task of manipulating MIDI files or files digital audio in general.


The basic rule is, unfortunately, always the same: ” More is better “ .

The faster the processor, the more tools we can record and listen at the same time, and the more we will be able to apply effects simultaneously. Also remember that without an adequate amount of RAM, the computer starts to use the hard drive mo ‘”virtual memory” slowing down considerably all the operations of disk access. Considering that audio (and video) digital together with digital video are extremely “hungry for hard disk”, an insufficient amount of RAM would inevitably lead to interruptions and bottlenecks really annoying especially when you are working in real time: it makes no sense to listen to music in fits and starts, especially if you are by modifications on the sound files!


The hard disk, as we have said, must be of good capacity: keep in mind that those who work professionally with PCs

usually devotes one or more hard disks solely for the purpose of recording audio, exactly as if they were dedicated and tapes no more universal storage unit. 
A word on the sound card. The market is overflowing with sound cards from many different prices and features, we pay attention to the one that came with your PC. If cards or semi-professional (from 200 Sound Blaster Recon3D PCI Euro up) always guarantee a result, between the boards amateur feel to recommend Sound Blaster Recon3D PCI  and only those marked strongly the Creative Sound Blaster: these are fact sheets on which are tested and programs for which they are written to the special management programs called “driver”: all the various sub-brands or clones do nothing but emulate the Sound Blaster original “deceiving” the PC – and the programs that make use of audio – to have do with a card brand at the expense of performance.

That in this field, needless to say, are fundamental.

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