Wireless navigation impossible

no_wirelessBad Surfing the Internet using my wireless connection. With the wireless card enabled, I connect to the router, but I can not surf the Internet.

To navigate using the wireless connection you must know the password for Wi-Fi security that you set in your router , and also the Wi-Fi card on your computer must support the protocol version of Wi-Fi security you have enabled on the router . Starting with Windows Vista Microsoft supports a system of automatic configuration of the Wi-Fi password that fixes everything wireless navigation impossibleautomatically : it off by pressing a button on the router called WPS , then insert the pin into the computer using the Windows wizard . If your router or your PC is not present this feature, you first need to reset the password for Wi-Fi security that you entered in the router.

To do a simple test you can replace it with a very simple password , such as an eight-digit number . If you do not know how to reset the password to check the instruction manual of the Wi-Fi router , or insert a paper clip into the small hole marked reset that resets all settings to factory defaults . If resets the configuration of the router by pressing its reset button, before proceeding any further you will need to open your Web panel configuration and repeat the setup wizard Internet connection. After leaving the router time to reconfigure , reboot the laptop and let it detect the wireless network.

Enter the password to connect and wait until the Wi-Fi connection is active. Now open the command line window and run the Windows command Ping followed by the IP address of the router, for example ping If you get no response , the static IP address that you have imposed on your computer could be wrong. Retrieves the properties of the network adapter and re-enable the dynamic IP address , which is assigned by the router and is always correct. If you still can not browse the web, the encryption protocol that have Wi-Fi enabled in your router may not be supported by your portable PC.

Open the configuration panel of the router , go to the configuration page of the Wi-Fi security and choose WPA Personal or WPA- PSK , WPA2 , or choose not WPAAES that are recognized by only a few PC