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WINDOWS LIVE HOTMAIL is the product from Microsoft that replaces the historic Hotmail e-mail service via the Web ( which has , in the world , millions of users). Now this tool is renewed and enhanced : in addition to 5 Gb of space for mail storage , it offers many more possibilities for customization and a completely redesigned interface . Log on to the Web site . In the course of 2013 the Windows Live Hotmail has been replaced by service can be enjoyed even offline using the Windows Live Mail client and the Microsoft Office Outlook
If you already have a Hotmail e-mail address , you can access using data from the old account . Otherwise, click on ” Register ” . There is a free version , that the fee. In both cases, you have to fill in a form in which you will be asked to create a Windows Live ID and choose a password. In the form , there is a useful verification tool for creating a strong password. At the end of the registration process ID , you have to rewrite a code which allows the site to verify that you are human and not computer systems looking for addresses to spam. Without this operation, and accepted the contractual terms , click “Agree ” to finish the registration process .
From now on , to access Windows Live Hotmail simply type the e- mail address and password in the spaces provided , and click ” Login.” As you can see , the version of Live Hotmail has been completely renovated in the graphic above : now everything is more orderly and clear. The buttons are more explanatory and have added some useful features . The first step that you should do is to change the language , to do this you need to click on the Options item . In the list of possible options that you can customize , is this the “Select Language” : choose the Italian language. Put a check mark and click on “Save” .


The operation of the mail box is similar to the old Hotmail, and all the other tools of Web mail . To write a new message, for example, click on “New “, enter the recipient, subject and text of the letter (and any attachments) and send them by clicking on “Submit”. Nothing new. Even the reception does not involve difficulties : each message received and not read yet is highlighted in bold . To read it, click it ( the object, or the name of the sender) . Once you open the e-mail are available all standard operations : reply, reply to all, forward , move to a specific folder or delete the messaggio.Per to download the file , just click it. About attachments in Hotmail is available in both a virus scanner offered by Trend , and a spam filter .

This allows you to automatically sort the junk mail folder called ” Junk” . You can also add a sender to the blacklist, simply by selecting it and clicking on ” Junk” . By clicking on the Windows Live Today , you have all the information about the events of the day MSN and Microsoft organize on- line.Potete read news and curiosity, or make use of multimedia content always aggiornati.Tra other things , for example, found the ‘ list of

films broadcast on TV every day (with lots of short reviews ) .
By clicking ” Contact Us” , a list of all the contacts in the address book of Hotmail. Please note that Hotmail works in perfect symbiosis with Windows Live Messenger ( the chat system and telephony Web developed by Microsoft) : every single contact in Messenger , then , is also included in the list of Hotmail contacts . Each count is represented by a little man . If it is green , the person is online and reachable from an instant message or a call vocale.Per add a new contact, click on “New”. You can also create a group of contacts : just click ” Add tIcona Mailo Group ” .
You can import address books from other e-mail systems ( such as Outlook , Windows address book , contacts, Yahoo and others). First, though , you need to have saved to a file ( in the required format ) in the address book from import. Live Hotmail , click Options / Import contacts . Select the type of address book and imported via the Browse button , select the file . Click ” Open” and “Import” .

Windows Live Mail

Alternatively, you can choose to download and run the utility to import Windows Live Contacts , the fastest way to import contacts .
Conversely, if you want to export your Hotmail contacts to other formats used by other mail systems, you have to click on “Export contacts ” and follow the directions . Very nice from the point of view of aesthetics and functionality is packed calendar, where you can mark appointments and deadlines for the date and time , just like in a normal agenda . This tool also provides the ability to recall events , the time you want and in the way that you feel most opportuna.Per start the calendar you must click exactly on the “Calendar” . You can share various maturities with other contacts , or groups of people

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