Windows Fatal System Error

Repair Windows

Windows does not start blue screen with the message

“Fatal System Error : The Known to verification of DLL failed. System process termined unexpectedly . The System Has Been shut down. ”


The blue screen error indicates a problem with hardware , device drivers or corruption of a file essential for the operating system . In particular , the error that appears is a symptom of corruption hard disk , which can have many causes : a power outage or shutdown unexpected PC, compatibility issue RAM memories , a fault hard disk or also a computer virus. The first attempt you can do to return to normal is the reinstalling Windows mode system recovery.

Need disk Installation of the system operating , you received with your computer or created using the program preinstalled own independent factory – hard disk. usually you will be prompted to create one when you first turn on computer , following the instructions in video or in the manual instruction . If you do not have the disk Windows you need to ask the service assistance from the manufacturer of computer or the shop where you bought the PC, but be prepared to also pay several tens of EUR .

Insert the disc into the player and restart your computer , and then press the key to force booting the PC from CD. It is usually F10 , but in Some computers have an F2 or Another key indicated by the word that appears on the screen. If you are using Windows XP , the first request Reply to pursue Windows installation, ie not press the R key to start the recovery from command line.

Windows Fatal System Error

The setup you will show the Windows license , that will accept pressing F8. after a pause, if corruption file hard disk is not too serious setup you ask you to again if you want repair the installation of this Windows the hard disk. this time accepts the offer and wait for the recovery operating system , at the end scan your PC with an antivirus. If the installation Windows in recovery mode interrupted, try installing in standard mode , deleting the data contained in the hard disk. If you are important, before you reinstall Windows You need to boot the PC with a Live CD Linux to access the content Disk C and transferred to a pen drive files to put in safety. if the installation of Windows stops again , the cause it could be a hardware problem or an incorrect BIOS setup.

You can make a final attempt to recover by restarting the PC and pressing the key combination key to start the setup BIOS. Choose the voice that controls the mode of operation of the SATA controller and change its value : if it is ” AHCI ” change it to “Compatible ” , and vice versa. Restart your computer and retry the installation Windows .