Windows 7 launch

If you were to find yourself walk along the Boulevard de Sebastopol , the great Parisian avenue that connects the Gare de l’Est with the Ile de la Cité , know that the number 47 you will find the first “Windows Cafe ” in the world. It was opened October 22 , needless to say , the day of Seven planetary launch of the new system Operating Gates home . It is a kind of boutiques, trendy , in which you can admire the new Microsoft products while sipping a coffee or a surrogate . Above you can breathe the fresh air which begins to blow in the offices of Redmond . An air that smells like apple …

Windows 7 launchThe Parisian bistro technology does not score In fact, only the release of the new Windows but it is also the prototype of the ” Microsoft Store ,” which, as of this autumn , they will begin to sprout like mushrooms in the United States and, therefore, presumably, in the rest of the planet. a marketing philosophy borrowed from Apple that fits perfectly with the launch of Seven, and that , according to many , would mark just the beginning of ” melizzazione ” of Microsoft : the attempt to inaugurate a season in which to officially get off the their products from their pedestal (the so in a “monopoly” of goods sold alone , even if they work a little and bad) and bring them into the crowd, distributing with smiles, hugs , a lot of ergonomics and – why not ? – Hot coffee .

On the same line , there is the curious ( and very American ) mechanism “Propaganda family door to door” that is was dusted off for the debut of Seven . In the days prior to the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft has provided thousands of “party kit” ( containing software , napkins , posters, Small bags with logo , card stock for invitations , a deck of cards and lots of other gadgets ) to those who said they were willing to organize of ” throwing little parties ” with family and friends in your own home (! ) following the script and suggestions kindly provided by the software house : robe which are seen to do right for elections U.S. presidential by the most fervent Proponents of this or that candidate ! Party aside ( ahem) , Microsoft launch Seven is not only an opportunity for redemption by the failure of Vista, but also that to shake off a once and for all , the image of a company mammoth , ” senior inside,” badly in sync with the market, a little creative and are able to offer products designed more based on the mentality of programmers rather than on the needs of users final . And, no doubt about it , the new system OS really has all the credentials not only to make people forget their predecessor , but also to act as even credible alternative to Snow Leopard , the Mac OS that until recently seemed be conceptually and technically the entirely outside the scope of Microsoft , a sort of ” status unreachable ” for mechanisms are unclear and dispersion of Windows. Even the most well-known critics and severe Microsoft products seem entirely Seven agree the best system OS ever produced in Redmond .logo windows 7

Even the fundamentalists of the Mac – as Walter Mossberg , influential columnist Technology of the New York Times, considered a guru in the field – had to admit that , ” at the bottom of the Mac OS is not so better than Windows 7 ” : which, said to be an avid fan of the team the opponent , it really is the best stamp of assurance that you could ask for. Yet in a framework that is finally completely favorable , its CEO Microsoft , Steve Ballmer, famous for its complacency and its irresistible manifestations of ” exuberance body ” (YouTube has handed down to posterity : try “Best of Steve Ballmer ” ) , seems to be the only one not wanting to tip the balance on the possibilities success of his new creation . ” The test results are good. On the other hand so were those on Vista. I am optimistic , but we have to wait to be sure you will be fine . ”

Optimistic ?

Who knows Ballmer soon becomes clear that these words can be interpreted only as a terse ” we hope to get away .” Moreover, as the adage goes , the cat burns once with hot water , will fear forever even that cold : and Vista was quite a shock ! More determined the CEO Microsoft Italy , Peter Scott Jovane , that before the summer was launched in a risky prediction : he said Windows 7 will create more than 300,000 new jobs , thereby contributing to loan growth in the industry Information Technology for a good 30 % .

If it is true that only time will tell , we must recognize from the outset that much of the success ( or failure ) of Seven, which technically it’s a good product , it will be determined by exogenous factors . or by sequelae ( hoping that it is only those ) the infamous global economic crisis. That, according to some, a day in and no day is ” now behind us .”