WhatsApp block a contact in Android

Before explaining how to block a contact on WhatsApp Android we see what are the effects of the blockade. If we choose to block a contact WhatsApp we can no longer receive messages and calls from the person stuck. All messages that the person stuck send will not appear in our smartphone because they will never be delivered.
Information regarding our state and our latest online access will not be visible in the chat screen as well as updates about the image of the profile. It will not be possible to send messages or call a contact blocked until the lock will remain active.
Important : remember that block a contact does not mean removing it from the contact list of WhatsApp. To delete a contact WhatsApp have to delete it from your phone book.

How to block a contact saved in the phonewhatsapp

To block a contact in WhatsApp Android open WhatsApp .
Touch Menu – Settings – Account and Privacy .
On the Privacy touch Blocked Contacts: None .
Touch the icon at the top right of the screen to select the contact you want to block.
In the list of our contacts we try and touch the person we want to block.

What happens to messages sent during the block

As we said previously sent messages to our smartphone from a WhatsApp blocked contact will not be delivered. These messages will not be delivered even after unlocking the contact.

All messages sent to our WhatsApp blocked by the person will be permanently lost and can no longer be recovered.

How to unblock a blocked contact to WhatsApp

To unblock a blocked contact open WhatsApp.
We return the page Privacy .
Touch Blocked Contacts:
It will show a list of all the WhatsApp contacts we have blocked.
Touch the contact you want to unlock.
We touch Unlock (contact name) .

An alternative method is to send a message to the blocked contact.

WhatsApp will ask us if we want to unlock the contact.

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