WhatsApp: 10 tricks

Among the most famous find  WhatsApp  is to hide the time of last access. But there are many other solutions to make your messaging app 100% functional. Here are 10 tricks WhatsApp that perhaps you did not know.

Who says that innovation on  Whatsapp  concerns only the introduction dell’emoticon with the  fingermean ? There are indeed many other functions little notes that you can use. For  example  you can get notifications when someone you like is online or mark the conversation as read . Sometimes you need to download applications, but in some cases it was indeed new hidden.

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# 10. WhatsApp on the computer receiving message notifications on the Desktop Work on PC and you have very little time to check the phone? Upon entering the site web.whatsapp.com and finally you can chat with friends, just as with your smartphone. Not only that, you can also set the mode for receiving notifications on your desktop.

# 9. Immediate notification when a contact is online If you want to know absolutely when a specific person is online, you can receive a warning on the phone. This app is available for Android and called WhatsDog. Not only works if the person does not show the date and time of last access. 

# 8. Create conversations false You want to make a joke to some of your friends, perhaps creating fake conversations? Yazzi is the application for you. The mechanism is easy, creating false images of conversations on WhatsApp which you can then send to those who prefer.

# 7. Hide picture Still jokes always by applying Yazzi FhumbApp for Android and iPhone. This time instead of dialogues will send out fake images. Two images selected and sent by you will appear to the user one. But the preview that the contact will be different than it will once opened. 

# 6. To read or unread Simply tap and hold your finger on a conversation to mark it as read or unread.Exactly how the email. 

# 5. Silent only one A particular contact is sending too many messages? You can set a specific sound for the person that you will want to “mute”. You will need to open the user card and find options silent. 

# 4. Throttle solution already in the mobile settings designed to reduce the consumption of traffic when making phone calls or voice calls without WiFi connection and only own. 

# 3. Change number If you have changed your phone number, but it was held the same smartphone, not necessarily you will have to resume the installation WhatsApp. How to do? access the item “Change number” after visiting “Account” settings. 

# 2. Photo clogging Just photos excess on the phone. It ‘nice to get some strings of pictures from friends chatting but often likely to be delirious to have a hitch in the gallery. How to avoid? On the iPhone you will find the “picture” of privacy settings. A bit ‘more complex the procedure on Android where you have to download an application and create a file called “Nomedia”. 

# 1. Backup and Restore Messages WhatsApp can be recovered through manual backups, other than machines created by the phone itself. On Android, you have to go into the settings and get to the “Chat”, and then click “Back up conversations.” On Iphone turn on automatic backup WhatsApp you must first activate it in iCloud (voice that you will find in the settings), then on documents and data. Finally from WhatsApp same go to “Settings Chat” and click “Run Now the Backup”.

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