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 Voip Phone Service Subscription to a VoIP service and does not want to use a softphone program , stands in front of an ultimate dilemma : what hardware to use ? They are usually the same operators , as in the traditional fixed telephony and mobile devices offer a free loan or to be purchased separately . This does not mean that , for example, those who adhere to the offer Messagenet must necessarily buy the phone Grandstream IP BudgeTone 200 or the smaller model Pro USB Mytel suggested by the provider. The user can choose the device you want .

If you intend to use the service using your computer , you may do a headset with microphone , such as those proposed by Plantronics that are similar to models used in call centers. The S12 , to name one , is particularly suitable for those who want to make conversation while keeping your hands free : the kit purchase , which includes the DuoSet headset or headset , it costs about 90 Euros . It’s definitely more expensive (200 euro ) Wireless Headset with DECT technology Jabra GN 9120 Midi , able to guarantee a good 150 meters range . If you want a product that offers a few extra features and is more comfortable to use, but you always want to make use of VoIP with your computer turned on and connected to the Internet , you should opt for a phone with a USB connection .

limits of technology VoipBrondi , for example, has in the catalog Voip – 5 Sky or the cheapest Voip -2 Sky . Alternatives are WS34909 Manhattan (29 € ) and the Extreme V2 USB Phone that is compatible with Windows , Mac and with the ” USB Phone ” however, is not technically a real phone , but a kit consisting of a headset and microphone assembled in a kind of handset , in order to give the user the impression of having a phone in his hand . Who wants to have a real phone to a less restrictive that no obligations to use the VoIP service only when your PC is connected to the Web , you have to opt for a phone ” VoIP IP ” SIP or ” hardware-based ” . These are devices that can be connected directly to the network via a router, and which allow to make and receive calls even with the computer turned off , just like as if you were using a normal PSTN phone .

Cisco offers various terminals of this type , such as the IP Phone 7940G ( 180 EUR ) also equipped with a display. For sophisticated users the right solution could be a phone ” IP cordless “, for use around the house freely without fear of tearing some cable . One such product is the Snom M3 is compatible with the DECT standard , it has a color LCD display , an address book can store 170 contacts and allows you to carry on conversations up to a distance of about 50 meters from the router to which it is connected the base of the terminal . You can always recover the old traditional telephone, connect it to an ATA adapter and connect this to the outlet of the Ethernet network . Among the adapters on the market are to be reported than those Tiptel ( Cyberbox the 250 costs about 60 Euros ) and the Linksys ( the PAP2 has a price of 55 Euros and has two ports Rj11 for regular phones , as well as the output ethernet) .

However, if you have subscribed to Skype , do take care when buying hardware telephones . In fact, this operator uses a proprietary protocol to transform voice into digital data , so the only phones that work with the service offered by this provider are the ones that have clearly visible label “Skype Compatible” on the body or on the packaging. If this indication is VoIP is the future of telephonymissing , the device must be considered unusable with that handler. If you use Skype and then you have a PC running Windows Vista given more attention : choose only products specially declared compatible with this system, such as Snappy of Skyme ( about 16 euro ) , the Philips Voip 1511B ( € 27 ) or RTX dual Phone 3088 (129 Euros ) recommended by the same operator .

Jajah uses , as previously mentioned , the mode phone to phone and so has eliminated the root problem of compatible terminals . ” With us, no one is forced to change the phone model, download software, or use a headset particular – says Paul Naphtali , VP Global Marketing Jajah – users can use the device you already have, is the one piece of furniture, both fixed .

Our services are in fact designed to be simple and accessible , so that it can be used even by non- experts. ” It should , however, always check the compatibility of a product with the VoIP hardware and software provided by the operator with Windows Vista ( if you use it ) . Only after completing this feedback, you can bet on the unit with the design and color of the original or the one with the most innovative features . It would be a grave mistake to do the opposite.


VoIP client, the future of telephony

Despite the VoIP ” on the move ” has existed for a few years , you can not tell whether decollato.All ‘ start was possible to avail of this service by using only high-end handsets such as smartphones and PDAs. Then things started to improve with the arrival of the proposals for companies like Fring, iSkoot , Jajah Mobile, Truphone , Barablu who have stretched their offer even the “normal” third generation phones . The methods of connection are mainly two : via Wi-Fi connection to access the “P2P Mobile VoIP ” ( one of Fring, for example), that does not involve additional costs to pay the telephone operator because you are using Wi -Fi ; or we make use of GPRS or 3G network provided by the operator , with tariffs set by the calling plan . With this connection , however, is quite expensive , because the flat rates or consumption of mobile dedicated to data traffic are not cheap , however, is not advisable to use VoIP with the normal rate on consumption because it is too expensive . Last June it was launched a revolutionary new service called GoJAJAH ( www.gojajah.com ) , created by Jajah in partnership with the Italian-American company Funambol . It is a system that updates the address book of your phone by creating a new local number for each international number , so as to transform international calls from phone ( via VoIP) national calls .

For some time the press and information sites were given the news that eBay was willing to cede Skype to make cash , and September 1 the sale is finally avvenuta.Una group led by the investment fund Silver Lake Partners has acquired 65 % of shares VoIP provider for $ 1.9 billion , burning time on Google and a consortium led by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis ( founders of Skype ) whose offers were deemed inadequate by eBay. The auction house had acquired the VoIP operator with the objective of integrating the platform of Voice over IP telephony portal to allow buyers and sellers to exchange information so as to facilitate the transazioni.Tale project never took off . eBay has thus due lugging salty costs ( $ 1.4 billion ) management of Skype without being able to integrate services of the two companies to achieve more profitable results and so has decided to sell the VoIP platform .

One of the most interesting among those submitted during the last Sat Expo ( the Satellite and Advanced Telecommunications , the exhibition dedicated to products and services related to satellite communication ) in Rome was the announcement of the first VoIP service via satellite. It is an alternative designed for users not yet reached by ADSL . The service is offered by Speak, in partnership with Open Sky and Eutelsat . It is based on a bidirectional connection with latency due to the distance between the earth and the satellite, finally reduced within acceptable limits : 650 milliseconds. Rates , as opposed to those for satellite phones are similar to those of VoIP , but are penalized , however, by a “cost of entry ” one-off rather high (about 400 Euros for antenna and installation) and a ceiling of monthly data transferable limited to a few Gb . The offer VoIP via satellite can therefore be considered interesting only for those who live in areas not yet served by broadband .

The Microsoft Skype Division is the division of Microsoft that provides for the development of Skype. Has its registered office in Luxembourg. Founded as Skype Ltd., in September 2005 the company was acquired by eBay for $ 2.6 billion on September 2, 2009 eBay sold 65% of the company to a group of private investors for $ 1.9 billion dollars. On 10 May 2011, the company was acquired by Microsoft, for a value of $ 8.5 billion

Voip Phone Service

ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter ) So I called the devices that will allow you to use standard telephones to make calls from home via Voice over IP . These are devices that are connected to a LAN connected to the Internet and to route the call normal phones online instead of the traditional telephone line .

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the technical term which is called the national fixed network telephony circuit-switched .

Router A device that transmits data packets on the Web by connecting a home network to the Internet or two local networks between them.

SIP (Session Initiation Protol ) is the standard most commonly used to convert voice into data packets transmitted during VoIP calls.

VOIP ( Voice Over IP) technology that allows you to route voice traffic ( telephone calls) on a network that uses the IP protocol as the Internet. Harness the ” packet switching “, a typical note of this standard, to convey directly the data containing voice information without occupying a part of the band with voice traffic .