VoIP client, the future of telephony

VoIP is the future of telephony, but navigate the dealers’ bids and purchase the hardware compatible with the chosen service is not as easy as it should …

The market for Internet telephony is rapidly expanding : users using VoIP to make phone calls to the fixed line are in the world today more than 66 million, but will exceed 800 million in 2015. To these must be added all those who use Skype or another client to chat with or call users of the same service .

The acronym VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

The acronym VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.It is the technology that allows you to make telephone calls using the Internet or any other network that uses dedicated IP.

What is the benefit ? That a call to an international Frascati and in Japan have almost the same price ! The Advantages of VoIP The reasons that have led to the rapid growth of this technology resides in the many strengths offered by this standard. Among them, especially the cost of tariffs for telephone calls, and the ability to make calls ( or receiving in the case that the chosen service provides for the assignment of a virtual geographic number ) not only to the users of the operator , but also to those of the traditional telephone network ( PSTN) and mobile. It is very interesting opportunity for all those who have an ADSL connection of flat type .

These users may in fact be amortized ( if not zero ) costs by combining traditional telephone using a broadband connection with a VoIP subscription , but without influencing the activity of normal Internet browsing . In its Communication ” over IP ” the band is in fact occupied only when the voice information is converted into digital data packets and routed and, therefore, only when users are actually talking about.
The transformation into digital conversations also allows you to encrypt them , providing theoretical guarantees of confidentiality higher than that obtained from a normal phone cable since the VoIP conversations are not intercepted when packets of data traveling over IP. Over the years have been discovered flaws in some software (for example, Skype ) . However, he was always treated with programming errors that although severe ( allow attackers to use the VoIP client to install malware on the user’s PC ) had never threatened the privacy of voice communication. Recently, however, the Swiss company ERA IT has developed , in collaboration with the programmer Ruben Unteregger two Trojans called minipanzer and megapanzer , which allow you to record the audio stream of a communication (via Skype) when it is collected and reproduced in one of the two computers used for the call.
Once installed in a PC including the communication takes place , the malware code the conversation into an MP3 file and open two backdoor on the infected computer to allow a third party to download the audio file so obtained and erase all traces of the recording without the ‘ user being aware of it . It seems so partially resolved the issue of the inability to intercept calls via Skype: it is a problem that had long since alarmed the government authorities that they could not record conversations between criminals made through this service without the cooperation of the company and access decoding algorithm used by Skype

. Partly because we said both Trojans can be installed only on computers with no antivirus that can detect and block the two malware.

VoIP is the future of telephony
With regard to the benefits of VoIP , you should not also forget that the operators offer includes a detailed catalog of value-added services are more flexible than those offered by traditional telephony : the elimination of the distinction between local and national calls , the availability of more phone numbers in the face of a single connection to the Internet, saving voice messages on your computer, the advanced services of the exchange and the possibility of delivery of communications and free calls between users of the same supplier.