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icon pdfThe ideas and innovations around the PDF files are constantly on the agenda and Flipping PDF Reader introduces a new and attractive way to display this widespread type of documents.

We are all used to, when we want to see on our computer file in PDF format, use Adobe PDF Reader with what we have available all the tools for a complete management such as printing, emailing and conversion in doc format for make changes to Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer.

Flipping PDF Reader, however, gives you the ability to open and view all pages of the PDF file as if it were a real book to read , with a very realistic animation effect. In the tests I’ve done, I was really impressed not only with regard to the manner of the original visual approach, at least in relation to the digital environment, but also for the useful and effective tool to zoom the pages , so as to be able to read more easily than Adobe Reader.

Flipping PDF Reader lends itself to be an excellent e-book viewer on your computer, thanks to the ability to add bookmarks , or to insert the pages in your favorite links, an create PDF filesaccess to fast whenever desired.

To download the software click here . After installing the program tries to open a document in PDF format. When the interface loads the file, you must wait a few seconds for his complete conversion application; it is not to convert, of course, the format but only certain technical parameters relating to the display.

The work plan is divided basically into two parts: on the left, the table of contents with the chapters listed, right at the area where the file is displayed.

At the bottom is the toolbar to perform all common operations such as search within the document , the quick printing , the full-screen view and the selection of the list of pages in thumbnail mode instead of preconfigured to chapters .

Flipping PDF Reader is ideal for reading those PDF documents on your computer such as price lists or user manual tutorial car full of pictures , due to its special way to quickly browse all the pages without using the scroll bar on the page as it happens with traditional programs. The applications of this software are numerous and are particularly advantageous, especially if you have to show the content of your document during a meeting at work or at school , so as to have immediately at hand and the required topics.

Within Flipping PDF Reader you can store your electronic books accessible with a single click. The only downside is the lack of editing integrated to add text notes, hyperlinks, such as Foxit Reader. It would have been interesting as well as useful, at least the presence of the highlighter tool to highlight the parts of the text in the ebook open ; we are confident that in the next versions, developers contemplate these effective options.

Through the installation of another program created by the same company, Flipping Book PDF Publisher, you have the option of  publishing your PDF file on a CD  or on a website / blog.

Overall, Flipping PDF Reader is a very interesting and curious, issued free of charge for your personal use and at the office.

Keyboard control

Flipping PDF Reader FeaturesAll frequently used actions with the flip book can be done with keyboard only. Enter – Zoom. Space or Right Arrow – Next Page, Left Arrow – Previous Page, Up/Down Arrows in Zoom mode – scroll the page, ESC – go to Bookshelf.


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