Useful programs for the hard disk

Computers have become a very important component of our daily lives, we grow up with the expectation of a faster desktop and laptop computers trendy to carry out our daily activities. One of the biggest problems plaguing the processors and hard disks getting faster and positioned in fewer and fewer open spaces, is rising temperatures, in fact very quickly reach high temperatures especially in the summer months; if the latter are not monitored and controlled, they can cause big problems to our hardware.programs for the hard disk

Overheating is one of the main causes of hard disk failure. Other symptoms like sluggishness, programs that do not respond and lock or restart on their own, they can sometimes be attributed to overheating of internal components.

When a processor fails, he will face a considerable expense to replace it. However, when a hard drive abandon us, damages for loss of data can be much more expensive.

Programs for the hard disk

Real Temp

Real Temp is an application for your desktop or laptop that allows a global control of the temperature, it retrieves the temperature information from all Intel Core processors and also allows you to calibrate sensors for each CPU or dual-quad-core machines. And unlike many other programs, it works well both on laptops and desktops. Real Temp runs without installation. It can be extracted to a folder or external drive and run directly from there.

Is preset by default to maximum temperatures of each configuration, which can be easily adjusted, also it provides an option for an alarm that warns of exceeding certain temperatures, allowing the user to turn off the computer and fix, if necessary, any problems.

core Temp

Core Temp is an application which includes most of Intel and AMD processors, and runs on Windows XP SP2, 2003 Server, Vista and Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). One of the tools that it includes the ability to save the information, which is very useful when monitoring the temperature of the laptop for long periods of time trying to detect whether some fluctuations are normal and represent the first signs of any problems.


SpeedFan is a lightweight and reliable temperature monitoring, which has the advantage of also monitor fan speeds, as they are an important part for the protection of your computer.

It can be set to control the temperature of the hard drive, the CPU temperature and the overall temperature inside the computer. SpeedFan is an interesting program that allows you to do much, but does not work on all notebook models for the simple fact that temperatures are configured differently from model to model. Nevertheless, it remains a reliable monitoring of the internal temperature of the computer even when some of the other features are not available; It provides an excellent survey system for any problems due to the temperatures. It can be set to sound an alarm at startup sound if the temperature becomes too high.

There are many difficult problems to diagnose and correct, but fortunately, the high temperatures do not fall into them. It should be one of the first things to check when you experience slowdowns or hard disk errors. All you need is attention and one of the programs listed above, and the problem can be corrected before they become incorrigible.


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