How to use openoffice

Let’s talk about , the system of programs (including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing tools ) alternative to Microsoft Office and completely free. Those who had not yet heard can find all the information (and possibly download the full version) on the site . OpenOffice has some tools peculiar, slightly different from the Microsoft tools. These include the “navigator”, which allows precisely navigate quickly between pages.

We can begin to familiarize yourself with the navigator OpenOffice opening any document, possibly long and complex. The browser looks

as a window that can be called up by clicking on the Edit menu and then on “Navigator” (alternative and faster, just press F5). The browser displays a list of objects (such as headers, tables, images , and so on) between which you can move.

If the open document contains a certain class of objects, you will see a small “+” sign next to the corresponding category. Clicking on them, as usual, the category will expand, showing its contents. In the figure of our example, we clicked the “+” sign next to the category ” Headers “, thus displaying all headers of our document: it is the chapter titles, which have been appropriately formatted using the style header.

Double-clicking on a header, we will take instantly to the corresponding point in the text.

The browser window can be moved or resized at will. In particular, it is a window “dockable”. To understand what it means, the easiest way is to try: while we hold down the CTRL key do a double-click on an empty spot on any of the browser window and observe the change. Repeating the operation, we return to the previous situation.

When the window is docked to an edge, you will see two buttons with which you can manage the view of the window: the arrow icon allows you to show or hide the window. With the second button moves from the floating position to the fixed one, and vice versa. Again it is best to do some testing.

A trick to navigate through a document even faster, is to use the three navigation buttons that are located in the lower right of the main program window . Clicking the center button appears docker Navigation , within which we can choose the category of objects including

Create diagrams Openoffice Drawwe want to navigate. For example, choose the category “page”.

At this point we can move between pages thanks to the buttons with double arrows pointing up or down, respectively, which lead us to the previous page and the next.