USB device not recognized

Memory not recognized the USB stick appears the following message: “USB device not recognized . ” Portable programs call for a great deal of the USB memory solid state , which admit an upper limit of write operations called ” endurance” .

Once the limit is reached , The chip Flash ROM runs out and becomes a single reading or stops working altogether.How to fix “USB device not recognized”

The damage is hardware type , so there is no way to recover data using software methods . If the Your data is of vital importance , you can only send the memory USB to a recovery center Data furnished . If you do not want take risks , we recommend choose USB storage devices capable of sustain a high number of write cycles .USB device not recognized

The memories do not declare the cheapest number of write cycles allowed, but if you choose a model (high-speed and high-priced ) can rely on Flash memory chip ROM better quality , which easily withstand the portable applications. Some of these models also specify the maximum number of entries , that you can compare with your needs , and their chip control wheel write requests between different silicon chip , then the useful life lengthens if you leave at least 20% of the key blank. However, we must warn you that, unfortunately, even so you’ll be sure to use long and hassle your USB memory. some PC are assembled in the wrong way, and the cable which leads to the internal front USB socket is connected to the outlet connector Firewire on the motherboard. in this way to get a USB socket voltage double compared to that provided by the standard, and chips of your USB key are destroyed as soon as the insert in the connector and the result is a message USB device not riconosciuto.

Se you’re not sure of the quality of construction of PC table in which you have to connect your valuable key , we recommend that you use the USB sockets rear . They are connected to the motherboard in direct way , so always work regularly


How to fix “USB device not recognized”

answersTurn off the computer unplug power in the laptop, remove the battery. Leave it unplugged for five minutes
Reconnect power to the desktop or replace the battery in the laptop
Turn to verify