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Tired of Facebook ? Do you want to send and receive messages up to 140 characters ? It’s time to move on to Twitter. Communicate … twittering months now it makes a lot of talk about social networks : online communities that come together based on common interests or bonds of friendship (real or virtual ) .

Ve is something for all tastes : in addition to the now rumored Facebook the most famous are MySpace ( of musical imprint ) and LinkedIn ( nature of work). Lately, however , is increasingly asserting a new tool and a new way of Web 2.0 : a communicative environment more straightforward and clear. We’re talking about Twitter ( corresponding sound of the English word ” tweeter “, which comes from the verb “to tweet ” chirping ) : a powerful social network and no frills , ideal for those who want to communicate what happens, what do you think , any time . Let’s see how to move the first steps . First of all you need to create your own profile on Twitter.logo twitter

Connect at . The home page is clear and graphically pleasing, though in English ( as all Twitter) : click on the button “Sign up now” ( register ) to continue. On the next screen requires some data. Enter first and last name in the field ” Full Name” . Then move onto the “Username” field ( username ) and use it to specify the user name , the nickname will represent you on Twitter. Make this choice criterion: the user name is an integral part of the address of your personal page within the network . Now switch to the password , making sure to choose one made up of at least six characters long , preferably also containing a few figures . Subsequently inserted into the field an e-mail address valid and active , and if you wish to receive updates on Twitter, select ” I want the inside scoop – please send me email updates ! ” (I want to preview – please e aggiornatemi email ! ) . Then type in the anti-spam code that is shown at the bottom of the page, then click the button “Create my account” (create my profile) to proceed.

The next screen asks , on the basis of the e- mail address specified ( if it belongs to Gmail, Yahoo! or AOL) , if you want to access your contact list to see if among them there are already Twitter users . The search for friends on Twitter is a process that can be run even after the recording , so in this case it is advisable to skip this step and proceed by clicking on ” Skip this step” at bottom of page .

At this point, Twitter shows some of the most followed users : those who have the greatest number of ” followers ” (which can be translated as fans, affected user ) , proposing to become a follower of your time. These are mainly U.S. users ( or at least famous in the United States , as director Michael Moore or news network overseas ) . If by now you do not care to become followers of any user , simply click on ” Skip this step” at the bottom of the page , otherwise , select Twitter users that interest you and click “Finish” to complete the registration process .

Congratulations : you’re finally a Twitter user ( ” twitterer ” , in the jargon ) in all respects ! Before you start to chirp , however, it is advisable to customize the profile you just created. Nothing could be simpler : just click on ” Settings” (Settings) in the upper right corner to access your control panel. Within the Account tab on the next page , you can set a variety of personal information such as the time zone ( the ” Time zone” ) or the address of your personal Web page ( the ” More Info URL” .) You can also specify a short biography ( ” one Line bio ” ) , with a limit of 160 characters. Save your personal information with a click on “Save” .

Go to the graphic personalization of Twitter and your profilo.Portate in the foreground the Picture tab , and use the Browse button to select the hard drive of your computer , an image that you want to represent you on Twitter. This image appears next to each message that is published by the profilo.Fate click “Save” to confirm your choice . Now switch to the Design tab . Its tools allow you to select a theme Twitter , a sort of dress chart with which “dress” your personal page. Do you have 16 separate issues , and to see in action one is pretty simple : just click on the respective anteprima.Per each theme , you can change the background image ( by selecting it from your hard drive and select it again though , creating a woven effect ) and the combination of colors used to color the hyperlinks , simple text and other visual elements of the page . A selections, click on “Save changes ” at the bottom to confirm.

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Graphics themes for all tastes! If the issues that Twitter offers to customize the appearance of your personal page will not meet
full and are looking for inspiration for achieve an Original Theme, you can take a look at two Web sites: and Here you can find hundreds of themes created by other Twitter users, broken down by category and charts liking.


Archived customizing the profile , you are ready to try your hand at writing your first ” tweet” , as well as in slang is referred to a publishable message on Twitter, the maximum length of 140 characters (the messages of exactly that length are called ” twoosh ” ) . Click the word Home in the upper right to see appear after a few moments , a text box with the writing ” What are you doing ? ” ( What are you doing ? ) : Type inside the message and click on “Update ” to publish it and see it instantly appear on your page. Remember that your messages are visible to all Internet users (even non-members on Twitter) by default. If you want only your followers can read what you write , enable the ” Protect my tweets ” (protect my tweets ) on the Account tab of the Settings section .

How do instead , to follow the messages to a friend? Twitter proposes a simple solution in this case also . Click on “Find people” ( people search ) in the upper right and , in the text field that is displayed , enter the user name of your interest. With a click on “Search” and start the search , a process completed , click on the item Follow icon next to your user – obiettivo.Da this time you are followers of that user , and all the tweets published by him will appear in your page Twitter. And if you are not interested to individual users, but only in specific topics ? In such cases,Twitter offers basically two ways .

The first is to make use of the search box (located on the right column) available on the Home page : Typing “Obama ,” for example , you will follow what has been discussed on Twitter about the U.S. president. The second possibility is guaranteed by the list of ” trending topics” (located just below the aforementioned box ): This is an updated list in real time showing the ” hot topics ” on Twitter. Of which , from today, you are part of it too.


Twitter and Facebook: what are the differences?
answersThe main difference between the two most popular social networks of the moment, Facebook and Twitter, is how you interaction among the users. On Facebook is necessary establish a relationship of “friendship” with a certain  user (who must accept an explicit request) forread messages or view your photos. In Twitter,
instead, most of the users leave their public  profiles, ensuring full access to anyone. The individual tweets, inter alia, are regularly indexed by the search engines.