Shutdown the computer for long periods of inactivity

Tips how to shutdown the computer for long periods of inactivity

Most people know that it is good practice , before leaving for the long-awaited holiday resort, take simple precautions to keep and then find in good condition appliances,

tips how to stop computer

miscellaneous equipment and even cars and motorcycles. Not everyone may know that the same caution should be adopted also in relation to your computer , which is a delicate machine as, if not more, all other electrical devices that live in their own home. It is a series of targeted measures, on the one hand , to ensure your PC from external problems such as power surges or electrical discharges and, secondly, to keep , so to speak , healthy operating system and various software so that they do not encounter any problems when you restart your PC after a long period of inactivity.

Eye to the current !

If you intend a long absence from home, it is a good precaution always disconnect ALL the plugs from the power outlets , in order to avoid even a remote possibility that a surge in the supply circuit of the machine may damage – often irreparably – the delicate components . Another good cable is disconnected from the pair that goes to the fax-modem – router from the telephone line jack not rare in fact, the electric shock due to sudden and raging storms manage to surpass the protections and the insulation of telephone coming to destroy the receiver and how attached to it. To avoid any inconvenience, should be disconnected all devices connected to serial ports (modem and mouse for example), because they are particularly sensitive to electrostatic charges are generated in the absence of a good ground connection.

For external devices with independent power supply – such as monitors, printers, scanners and the like – must adopt the same strategy : they must also be disconnected from the power source , and possibly also by the computer PC.spegnere

Maybe with the help of some self-adhesive label we can identify the wires, in order to avoid problems at the time of system recovery. The printers inkjet certainly require some additional attention : the nozzles from which ink comes out tends to become encrusted and clogged. The best solution , in this case , is to remove and storing cartridges , with a suitable hermetic packaging , in a cool place and not sunny , so as to minimize the possibility that the ink dries . In the case of printer models in which the print head is separated from the cartridge containing color , consider replacing it with an empty cartridge , and print a document to fully deplete all inks . Thus, the residual liquid contained in the cartridge will be deleted and you will not run the risk of hitting annoying fillings .

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Those who own a PC with over three years of life,

it is good to check the status of the lithium battery on the motherboard : the average duration is 5 years , but to avoid getting stuck at the first restart from a bell’errore type “CMOS BATTERY LOW FAILURE” , ( battery error bios download ) , you should have it replaced by a technician. The replacement does not cost more than 6 Euro and the intervention takes ten minutes at the most , except in special cases .

How to turn off the computer before Leaving VacanzeLa for the salvation of the operating system level software , however , you should always make copies of all of your important data, before leaving the personal computer for a long time : but it is well to remember that the duplication critical files , it should be understood more as a healthy habit that as an exceptional event . The hard drive where you store all your programs and data is an electromechanical device that can suffer from several drawbacks , including damage to the magnetic media or heads of reading and writing: remains on and in constant rotation for 90% of the time during which the PC is used and, therefore , is subject to easy wear.

Apart from making a backup copy of your data , it is convenient to make a copy on a floppy disk some files essential for the proper functioning of the system start-up and operating

C: \ CONFIG.SYS : similar to above, also allows you to reconfigure the main devices of your PC and the drivers for memory management .

C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM.DAT : a file is essential because it represents the configuration of the Windows registry , you can change the Regedit utility that came with the operating system itself.

C: \ WINDOWS \ *. INI files that contain useful information such as the configuration of secondary elements not included in the system.dat ( eg . Video mode , the display properties , screen saver, and so on) or possibly the settings associated with a particular application.

For safety, in case if you have not already , you should also prepare a “ DVD boot ” : if its your PC does not start , you can always restore corrupt files by booting from the floppy disk. The drawbacks to the ” restart ” The critical moment of each electronic device , after a long period of inactivity (which , on average , can be considered as such if exceed the 20/30 days) , can be seen in most of the cases during the power : in the first moments in which electrical power is supplied , the circuits are forced to ” endure ” a thermal shock to go from room temperature to that of steady state operation .

At the same time , the electro-mechanical parts and may take up to move suddenly affected by deposits of dirt or ” offsets ” mechanics. The main [ HTML2 ] problems often occur because of a buildup of dust in the container of the computer , inhaling the “fresh” air from the front and expelling the “hot” air from the fan back , requires a periodic internal cleaning . To solve this problem just equip themselves with vacuum cleaner or a brush, and a lot of goodwill . The real trouble arises when the PC is turned off for several consecutive days and the dust present inside settles on all components , including electromechanical like a floppy disk , the CD- ROM drive and the cooling fans so much CPU that chip video cards . Drawbacks such as unreadable disks or CD-ROM jumping while reading or , worse , particularly noisy fans that sometimes block or slow down the speed of rotation, are often due to accumulation of dust.

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And it is good to keep in mind that , for example, the blocking of a cooling fan dedicated to direct dissipation of heat from the processor or other internal device , can drive up the temperature of operation up to lock the system , or even destroy the component . In this case you just have to put your mind at rest and contact a specialist . This does not mean that we can not take some precautions before you find yourself crying over spilled milk .

The first is to maintain the correct air space around inside the cabinet ( the metal casing ) PC : therefore , before the reboot , thoroughly cleaned using a brush of medium size , and the holes that the front vents , and then the fan airflow. As a further measure to protect your drives (floppy and CD) is recommended to use a CD cleaning kit before any arrest in the long term : in this way it keeps dust and moisture can collect and crystallize on the heads of reading is not a bad idea to also open the cabinet ( after turning off and unplug your computer from the electrical voltage) and make sure that the fans of the CPU and graphics card’s chip turn correctly in their slots and are not blocked by clumps of dust. You can help with a very small brush , a toothpick , or better yet, with a can of compressed air but you are still very delicate .

However , paying a little ‘ ear you may realize if something is not working as it should. Be careful …The voice of the computer at the first restart of the PC , after having restored several times and checked all the connections , given a few minutes of attention to the ” voice ” of the machine : in this moment all the mechanical and electronic parts are running again after a long period of inactivity. Normally everything goes as usual and there is no trouble of any kind.

• … small noises , perhaps associated with strange hum and possibly mild abnormal vibration , could herald wear , or at least the fault of the fans of air circulation : efforts should be made to discover the true extent of the problem because , as mentioned , in the case of a block of the same , the PC would quickly become unstable and excess heat developed could spoil some components .

• … strange mechanical noises , partly repetitive , often indicate any abnormality of the hard drive and should be considered immediately as a major problem : it happens that the hard drive gets ahead , with repeated attempts at reading and chiming suspicions, impending failure , and this case , it is necessary to quickly save important files to another media , NOT TO TURN OFF THE MACHINE ( might not even start ) .

The noise of a defective hard disk is generally unique , and stands out well from the ” crackling sound ” of the normal operations of reading and writing.

tips how to stop computer


• … the “beep” is repeated during power can have many meanings , as they announce that the start-up procedure and testing of key components is not properly come to an end : the attempt more mundane , but sometimes decisive, is to turn off the machine , check all connections and if necessary check that you have not inadvertently loosened some internal card of the PC. The lack of video card is manifested by a series of ” beeps ” error .

• If it should appear an error in the BIOS , do not despair : it often means only that the PC , because of the internal battery , you probably download , lost the configuration of installed devices (floppy disk, hard disk , etc. ) and intervention – to enforce only a competent person – is reduced to the setting of some parameters (no more than 10 minutes of work ) . To avoid this hassle, you should check periodically the status of the PC clock (Real Time Clock) that , in the absence of mains power , it always works , and only thanks to the internal battery . If the time indicated by Windows proves to be wrong , it is time to replace it .

The problems that can occur after a long period of inactivity of a PC are not many, mainly because the operations required for the proper functioning of the machine can be summed up in a few routine maintenance . How to shut down so there is no risk and, given the hot season , it is almost obligatory to wish everyone ( including PC !) Good summer with a cool drink

Save and restore the registry in Windows Setup

Under Windows Click the Start button ( Start) on the lower left on the Windows desktop , and select Run … In the Open text box, type REGEDIT Click the OK button. In the Configuration window registry , click the Registry menu and select ” Export Registry File Configuration” . Enter a name by which you want to save the log file and the save path : you make a backup copy. The copy can then be imported with the Import option file. Attention ! Do not perform any other operation on the registry configuration that is not the export of the same , unless you’re an experienced user .

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Before leaving for the holidays Beloved

Do not forget to follow these few simple rules but basic . A few tips that may save tons of hassle when you return …
• Disconnect the plug from the electrical outlet and peripherals independent of the PC .
• Disconnect the telephone cable connected to the modem \ fax .
• Remove the ink cartridge into the printer , and store it in a package , possibly sealed , kept in a cool, dry place .
• Check and if necessary replace the lithium battery on the motherboard.
• Copy the system files on floppy disks needed to boot the operating system.
• If you have not already done so, create a backup copy of your important data .
• Remove dust and dirt from the cooling fan of the cabinet and the CD- ROM drive.
• Cover the keyboard and the monitor with one of the special ” envelopes Dust ” ( also hard) that are on the market at low prices. Failing all else , even a cotton cloth can serve the purpose .
• Do not leave diskettes or CD-ROM inside the readers. Put the CD -ROM in their Cases , and be careful not to leave them in particularly hot or in direct sunlight .
• Put all your diskettes in closed containers. Do not leave in damp areas, exposed to the sun or characterized by magnetic fields or static electricity : thus avoided the neighborhood of the television, unshielded speakers (in the case of stereo systems “living room ” ) , electric cables underground or in walls and so on.