The best programs to Download Manager

software download managerAmong the most valuable opportunities offered by the Internet stands a chance to download to your computer wide range of programs, from shareware to freeware one, not to mention the demo versions (demo) games and applications. But how do you manage the transfer phase of the different files from the Internet to your hard drive?

It’s simple. You have to equip themselves with one of the best ” download manager “, or those programs that allow you to calmly face the task of downloading files from the Internet .

A download manager

We assume the onerous task of downloading files of any size while maximizing the speed of the operation and protecting you in case of a sudden interruption of the telephone connection. Through a graphical interface generally quite intuitive and
The programs “prince” of the industry are Go! Zilla ( ) and GetRight ( ). These are programs distributed free of charge .basic commands that allow you to pause and resume downloads at any time, the file transfer is always under our control. The ability to temporarily stop unloading, lets take a large file even at different times, on several occasions, without necessarily having to pass on the burden of one long and tedious telephone connection, perhaps even when the network turns out to be clogged .

This means you can decide whether to pay a modest sum (25 and 20 dollars respectively) to eliminate some advertising windows that appear within the program and, in the case of GetRight , to make full use of some options. The versions distributed on the Internet are, however, sufficiently complete.

Go! Zilla at your fingertips! The setup installer of Go! Zilla proves to be quick and painless. Once the installation is finished, you are in front of the general window. Go to the internal configuration of Go! Zilla, which you can access by clicking on the Go menu! / Options. We advise you to “search” carefully each box of the configuration window, paying particular attention to the sections Automation and Speed. The first window allows you to set the type of files that Go! Zilla will then run automatically. It is also due to “integrate” the program in the browser that you’ve used, pressing the button for Internet Explorer, Netscape or Opera. In this way, by clicking with the mouse over a link on any web page linking to a downloadable file, it will come under the “care” Go! Zilla.

The program offers you the opportunity to follow in detail the procedure to download the software: the interface, in fact, shows in real time the percentage of files downloaded, the average speed at which the modem (or leased line)


are receiving the data and reporting connection problems. With Go! Zilla (as with GetRight), you can report the software an unlimited number of websites offering the same file and the download manager will choose, from time to time, from which site to continue the discharge depending on the speed guaranteed from the server. Setting, for example, as a minimum speed of 1.2 Kbps exhaust tolerated when the download falls below this limit, Go! Zilla will look for a site faster which continue to download the program. And the user can enrich the list of servers (ie the computers that host the sites) available for downloading. Among the many options of Go! Zilla is worth mentioning the “leech files”. This is a feature that allows you to get a list of related links to downloadable files present in a particular Internet address.

From this list, you can then choose which files to include quiet on the transfer list.