How to tell if they are spying on my smartphone or tablet

I’m worried that someone can spy on my smartphone or tablet Android or iOS.

Not imagine how many times you read these words on online forums … we leave to the discovery of the phenomenon of espionage smartphone or tablet. Enjoy the reading.

The battery is discharged in a few hours to autonomous and strange actions, here is the guide to find out if someone is spying on our cell phone from a PC or smartphone.

One thing is certain we are all at risk  espionage, it is therefore necessary to implement measures to avoid malicious people to take possession of our smartphone.

Obviously we are talking about actions, if not authorized by a judge, they are illegal under many aspects . Unfortunately these malware are readily available on the net and are quite simple to use, so anyone can think of to break and hack a smartphone.

The classic example is  MSPY : downloadable version is for smartphones and PC, is a trojan . Once installed on your smartphone or tablet of the victim, the attacker sends a series of confidential information: text messages and the WhatsApp chat , call log,  gps location , email, video, photos and many other information that terremmo happy for us.

MSPY is just one of many small programs to everyone, other malware or trojan can even record conversations and send, or listen to them in real time.

I’m sure you’re wondering: How do I know if they are the victim of one of these programs to spy on cell phones?

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How to understand, then, that a smartphone is a victim of these Trojans or malware?

First we analyze these software: Trojans, programs that install a file to your smartphone or tablet of the victim, which acts as a spy and sends the information to the hacker’s computer. Some trojans, such as RCS / Galileo, are very advanced and are able to exploit even bugs than the official app.

How to find a smartphone or Android tablet

How to tell if they are spying on our SMARTPHONE (or TABLET)

There is no unique way to know for sure whether we have a trojan in our smartphone or tablet, symptoms that should give suspects are:  slowdowns  sudden and unprovoked.

If you have a device iOS, a malware type RCS / Galileo or the like, can be installed only if the device has undergone a  jailbreak , that is able to run not certified by Apple’s code. even if you are sure you have not made the  jailbreak,you have to be careful not to lose or give anyone your smartphone or tablet. Beware though it is a business phone, granted to you by your employer, you may have installed the malicious code, to track your actions … Unfortunately you know that there are spy programs that work even without jailbreak.

Instead we talk about Android, a little ‘more vulnerable. You’ll have to check for any unauthorized use : text messages sent or received, made or received calls, any files deleted. Some Trojans to work they need to enable the “Debug” function between the settings: If it was not you to activate it, it is a matter to be verified. And then there is the “rooting”, as the jailbreak of iOS, this action allows a program to have full access to all Android device functions. So you should never do the rooting the smartphone, however if you find active beware.

Another trick is to constantly check the data traffic , and those who got shipped. It will be easy to establish, through the use made that we do our smartphones, if there is an abnormal use  of transmitted and received data.

However there are two symptoms that someone is spying on our smartphones: the battery drains very quickly. The other symptom is disturbance to the line : background noise or echo ceaselessly are a signal to be assessed with caution.

We have seen the symptoms, but how to avoid that someone can spy on our smartphone or tablet?

1. Antivirus : antivirus for Android there are many and many are truly exceptional.

2. Updates : antivirus installed and updated, as necessary to update the operating system always the latest version.

3. Reset : you are almost certain that someone is spying on your smartphone? At this point i advise you to restore the device to factory settings. It works with almost any malware, but not with everyone.

4. Avoid tampering with the operating system : forget the jailbreak of iOS devices, and the rooting in those Android. If you have made them, annullateli immediately.

5. Maximum Security? : I can have one to test smartphone spy? No, but there are smartphones for which less trojans have been developed, perhaps because less common, or that take advantage of advanced security technologies. In the first case we could retract the Windows Phone devices, in accordance with the BlackBerry. It may seem like a joke or a paradox, but if you want the absolute safety and communicated with a Nokia 3310, even today, the smartphone used by those working in the field of security …

To recap:

How to check if our smartphone is infected with malware or viruses

How to check if our phone is infected with malware or viruses that can steal and distribute our data, videos, photos, WhatsApp chat etc.etc ..

How can you check whether your phone is affected by a virus or malware?

Several signs like:

  • sudden drop of the performance of your smartphone
  • more time needed to charge the battery
  • the battery drains much faster
  • dropped calls or interrupted by strange noises in the background, as echoes or rustling

These are just a few symptoms of a smartphone infected with a malware or troja.

How to remove these the trojuan or malware on your smartphone or Android tablet?

If you think you have a trojan or malware on your Android phone, there are two methods to solve the problem.

The most common way to infect Android smartphone is to download malicious applications . Be careful what you download.

Solution 1: Install and constantly updated anti-virus for Android:

Install one of these anti-virus software and anti-malware and do scanning on your smartphone or tablet.
Solution 2: Factory Reset or Hard Reset.
Reset the phone with a soft reset or a hard reset stronger.

If you are frightened by the fact that someone can spy on your smartphone or tablet, you should now be a bit ‘more relaxed, but never lowering attention to this phenomenon, the potentially harmful consequences in many aspects.