Techniques and tips how to become good photographers

high-resolution photo sicilie: vulcan EtnaIt is mathematical : when you are on vacation , taking a lot of pictures . Maybe because there are so many things that affect attention, many incidents to remember and then show to friends , or who is already a foretaste of the emotions you try to revise the shots during some cold winter weekend . It will simply be that there is finally more time to devote to his hobbies and passions … Anyway , no part of your holidays without taking along a camera, or a camera. And fans go even further , often dragging pounds and pounds of camera equipment up the steep trails of the Andes or on rickety rope bridges Nepal .

Of course, to make beautiful pictures a minimum of equipment is always handy , even if you do not have to photograph an atoll in French Polynesia but simply the Adriatic beach . However, with some changes you can make beautiful holiday photos without spending a fortune on accessories and without charging tons of awkward equipment .

What is the trick ?

Well, you have to learn to photograph . Quiet, calm , do not panic . The thing is a lot easier than you think : it is just apply a few simple rules when shooting , and will save you hours and hours of complex editing sessions in Photoshop.

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The equipment

As mentioned a few lines above , it is not necessary to have sophisticated equipment to create good photos. Indeed, one can safely say that the more expensive car and futuristic , in the hands of an inexperienced photographer , however, will create a poor image . Not from the point of view of exposure , resolution , focus or color rendering , which are likely to be perfect , the problem is almost certainly in the content of the image : the frame , the subject, the lighting, the composition . In short, all those things that the car certainly can not decide on its own , since it merely sets in memory what the photographer frames . A compact digital camera is a machine with which almost all depart on holiday: compacts are small , so they can always be kept on hand in my pocket , and now have sensors and lenses of good quality , at least talking about the best-known brands and with some year of experience in the photographic market . If the camera you have to buy it just for the holiday , consider a model ” weather sealed ” , or even underwater .

These devices are built to withstand without too many problems in hostile environments such as the beach (sand and water are the great enemies of the cameras ) . Besides the camera , also bring spare batteries and chargers , flash memory compatible with the machine, and a cleaning kit ( microfiber cloth and lens blower brush to spray with compressed air). If you want to ” get serious ” , then you certainly have to follow a SLR camera with a zoom lens rather extended , or with a pair of goals – one short zoom from wide-angle and one side that pushed longer focal lengths .

To this basic equipment , to work well , you can add an external flash and a circular polarizing filter . If you plan to take the night , you need a tripod. And no, the stabilizer of the machine is not enough.

What do you photograph ?

How To Be A Good Photographer [WowTechy Photography Tips]. When you were using film , it reasoned lot before shooting , a little ‘ because autonomy was limited ( usually had a roll of 36 exposures available) , a little ‘ because they develop and print the photos was expensive . In times of digital , the problem of autonomy has failed ( memory cards containing hundreds of images , and the ugly ones can be immediately deleted without remorse ) and of the press is mitigated : before you look at the pictures on the PC and then printing only the best . So , the approach is now generalized to ” the Japanese ” shoot, shoot and shoot again . It incorporates everything from baggage loading the car to lunch at roadside , the road sign to the restaurant menu .

The approach is not entirely wrong, as long as after the holidays you take the time to select photos and give them a logical order. Just then put them in a presentation , add a few comments written , put in the background the song of the summer and you will have created a true photographic story of the holidays. If you like pretty pictures , your attention will focus on landscapes and people .

The first is likely to be significant only if you have the good fortune of being on vacation in places ” photogenic ” Emerald Coast, the Caribbean, but also the Italy coast , the Camargue , Majorca … well, the dream beaches are not only in Polynesia, and some is just around the corner. Remember that often the hinterland reserve surprising landscapes and interesting photographic opportunities Rimini , for example, will not have a particularly exotic beach from the photographic point of view , but the city has a beautiful old town and the hinterland in general has a lot of interesting destinations . Returning to the beach , remember to photograph not only your friends and family but also the locals : the lifeguard , bartender and so on. Often among them are interesting faces , especially if you are in far away places . However , always remember that there is a right to privacy if it is true that it is not illegal to photograph strangers in public places, it is also true that every citizen has the right to his own image and therefore can not ask you to be photographed , or to remove the shots in which it is recognized. Better to always be discreet and see if there are local regulations in this regard ( for example, in many naturist beaches is forbidden to photograph people outside of your family) .

And given the current state of psychosis , we advise everyone to take children who are not their own , unless you have the explicit permission of the parents.

When taking photographs

are made of light and the light is not always the same during the day. That’s why there are the most suitable for photographing, and times when it is best to keep the camera . As for photos of people at sea , the discourse goes even further: in the early days was definitely not photogenic – you get to the sea tired and stressed from work, maybe you need to absorb a dozen time zones after 13 hours of charter flights , and you are obviously quite pale . For this reason, the pictures ” cutlery ” are much better after a few days of vacation, when fatigue has passed, the jet lag is absorbed , the skin has browned and most of all the person has entered fully into the holiday atmosphere .

The best light to take portraits is that which occurs when the sun is low on the horizon. This means photographing at dawn or at dusk. The first option is feasible only by professionals who make calendars and the like, given that very few tourists have the audacity to get up at dawn on vacation to be photographed . So , the choice is necessarily the hours of sunset . The time varies depending on the time and location of the place, but in practice beginning to shoot an hour before sunset , you have enough time to create good shots .

How to frame

To make a good portrait at the beach just follow a few basic rules .

First, the subject must not have the sun in front . Yes, for years you have been told to photograph having the sun behind you . Well , it is wrong : a subject with the sun in your face squints in an unnatural way , and the picture will always be ugly. Instead, try to put the subject in the shade ( for example, under the umbrella, or leaning against a wall ) . In this way, not only the face is relaxed, but there will be those strong shadows that often ruin the photos ( those that , snapping at noon with the sun beating down , giving rise to the phenomenon of ” panda eyes ” , with the orbits completely black … ) . If you can not get in the shade , keep the sun on your side, just ahead of the subject, and set the flash to ” forced flash ” ( on some machines is called ” fill flash “). It may seem strange , but the flash is more useful for day and night. The flash emits erase the shadows created too strong on the face from the sun , giving a softer image .

Then, if the subject is … blonde , bet on the backlight, or make sure you have the sun slightly behind the subject . This will create a pleasant effect of ” halo ” around the hair ( but do not forget the forced flash ) . There are three other important measures to create a good portrait : First, set the zoom to a focal length of around 100 mm ( in the classical compact camera with 3X zoom , zoom in practice should be placed close to full , but do not set the digital one ) . This focal crush slightly perspective, avoiding deformation comic image , type noses get longer and the like. Second, set the widest aperture possible, or if the machine is automatic , use the “portrait” mode . In this way, drop the depth of field (the area in focus in front of and behind the subject ), and then the background will be blurred and not distract from the main subject . Third and last , focus on the eyes of the subject, and not on the center of the frame . If your machine has the focus only in the middle, you have to aim the center of the eyes , focus , then pressing and holding the shutter button halfway recompose the picture and shoot. Of course , you already know that the subject’s eyes should be at the top of the photo, and not in the center , otherwise you’ll end up with the entire upper half of the shot desperately empty … of course you know that as a portrait, normally , should be viewed in vertical because it fills the frame better . But these are obvious things and we do not lose any more time on . We spend two words instead of a trick that gives very good results if taken with the sun on the side of the subject, and you want to reduce shadows more soft and natural than it would flash, you can use a reflective panel . Unlikely you ‘ll be taken to the beach to study those , but just a white towel held open close to the subject , on the side opposite to the sun, to get the effect of fill .

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Another recommendation concerns the recovery of children : put them in difficult poses , and if you can probably make terrible pouty faces . Rather, taken from a few feet away with a telephoto lens while playing , and try to keep down the resume point (ideally , the camera should be at the same height of their eyes ) . As for photos of seascapes, the precautions to be taken are not many. If you get the chance , always mount a polarizing filter that helps eliminate reflections from the sea returning the classic effect of water and of the invisible ” flying boats projecting the shadow on the bottom .” The polarizer also brightens colors and slightly reduces the effect of haze typical hot and humid climates . Two recommendations regarding the horizon : first , do not ever put it in the exact middle of the photo. Make sure that it is about one-third , in order to split the photo in a third of the sky and two thirds of the sea, or vice versa. And please, always check that the horizon is … horizontal .

It also says the name , right? Still, you knew how many times we have to see pictures of the seas downhill …


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