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The concept of ” Remote Desktop ” exists from time and consists in possibility of controlling a second Remote PC , using mouse and keyboard of its own , thanks to a network connection. This feature , valuable in particular for those should provide technical assistance , it is also found integrated in the last versions of Windows ( XP and Vista) under the heading ” Remote Assistance ” .

Simple to use and totally free, TeamViewer allows to control a remote computer over the Internet.

But there are several commercial products the most versatile and powerful. TeamViewer is a true outsider in the sector : it is free (for use staff) , is distributed in Italian and is equipped with many features advanced . It is also available for Windows ( XP, Vista and 7 ) and for Macintosh. The version for Windows we tested is available both installable version , both in ” portable” .

The latter allows you to have the program (occupying only 4.5 Mb space) always with him : for example, on a USB stick , so that you can use it right away , on any PC, without even having to install it . The program must be started on each PC that you want to communicate between them, and on both must be selected by the same mode of interaction. The main and more useful for most part of the requirements , is called ” Remote Support ” allows to control another PC through the mouse and keyboard on your own . on appears on your monitor desktop computer controlled, while interacting with the content , you can also transfer files and chat with l ‘ ” user -controlled ” by A dialog text. To get good results , and not encountering excessive delays ,

The All-In-One solution for remote control and technical support

You must have a broadband connection rather fast . In addition to the ” Remote Support ” is available mode also “Presentation “, which causes the monitor of the remote computer you see what is being done parent on the computer : a great way to demonstrate to the use of a third party program , show photographs to a friend or examine a document with a distant colleague .

Since TeamViewer the purpose of taking the speficico computer control of others, there is a safety mechanism to prevent misuse . When the user of the computer Remote start your own copy of Team Viewer, the program communicates two numerical parameters : the first is the identifier of the PC same , the second a password four-digit , randomly generated each time you start the software. the holder the remote computer must communicate these two parameters the user who is preparing to take the role of ” controller distance “and that will put them in to start a separate window interaction .

The controlled addition, can escape the Remote Control any time, by clicking of a button. TeamViewer lets you connect to only one PC at a time , but , also in the free version , there is no limit clients to use : you can that is connected to the same PC remotely using any another computer. For the rest , the connection is almost immediate and the use of the software extremely easily and effectively with a common ADSL , whatever the configuration hardware connected PCs . To ” lighten” the transmission data can still disable Graphic elements such as the background the desktop , which slow down the Transmission of Remote Desktop. You can even record files as you work to analyze later. A highly recommended software to all those who have often need the assistance of a friend expert. And far .

The All-In-One solution for remote control and technical support

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