TagScanner is a great software to keep the music archive evens out because the labels of the tracks and lets you easily change the file names and ID3 tags, those brief comments and information that are read by the software for playback of music (for example, Windows Media Player and iTunes) and portable players. TagScanner 5.0 is very

Tagging and Rename music with TagScanner.

Tagging and Rename music with TagScanner.

effective and works with most audio formats (MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, WMA).

From Section Music Renamer just select the tracks you want to change and choose the format of the label (for example, the track number and the name of the song). With the Preview button, you can control the outcome of the transaction and, if satisfied, get with the Rename command. sections ” Tag Edito R “and” Tags processors “instead allows you to insert brief comments and modify the information, such as gender and year of production.

In addition, the program is able to integrate file tags based on the name of the folder that contains them. All these data can be entered manually or by using the search function in the gigantic FreeDB online database, to which the software links. TagScanner also includes a music player and a display of covers.

 TagScanner is provided as freeware for private and commercial use


Knowing the interface TagScanner



1 TagScanner has four main modules, which are accessible through these cards.
2 Toolbar offers more repeated the list pane (see 3 below)
Panel 3 file list shows all files. Several columns show different tags of these files.
4 Use Player check media files.
5 Paste a path here to scan for media files, or browse the file system to search for multimedia files.
6 buttons Preview and Rename / Save any file or rename operation-tag editing.
7 control panel controls all the layout changes depending on which module (see point 1) is selected.
8 Text Transformation Panel allows you to clean up and re-format the tags quickly.
9 Settings tab displays all the settings, and / Renamed Results tab displays the preview
-10 Quick settings. Used for quick selection of sizes of tags needed when you read or save metadata. A special
handles to resize the covers built-in is included.
choose the number of 11 digits ( 1 to 3) for the disc and track numbers.
12 The Settings button to access the options of the program.



  • Rename files based on the tag and file information
  • Powerful multiple files tag editor
  • Import tag information and album information from online databases like freedb or Amazon
  • Generate tag information from file / foldernames
  • Fields of formatting tags and rearrangement
  • Replacing words and case conversion from tags and filenames
  • Supporta MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA, MPEG-4, Opus, Musepack, Monkey Audio, AAC, OptimFROG, Speex, WavPack, file TrueAudio
  • Bore ID3, Vorbis Comments, WMA tags e MP4 (iTunes) i metadati
  • Supports embedded texts and covers for
  • Resize cover art for portable devices on the fly
  • TAGs versions conversions
  • Creation of songs Fast
  • Export information to HTML, CSV or XML format in any user-defined
  • Full support for Unicode
  • Multilingual interface
  • Built-in multi-format player



TagScanner 5.1.648  (exe) [1.80 MB]
TagScanner 5.1.648 portatile  (zip) [1.97 MB]

PDF manual TagScanner

TagScanner autore: . Sergey Serkov homepage TagScanner: http://www.xdlab.ru