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PGP is a computer program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication

PGP, is in a certain sense, the cryptographic program for excellence. Being a software encryption so-called “robust” (ie theoretically unassailable from potential onlookers), the United States has prohibited export, equating even arms trafficking. This limitation has been removed recently, but even before the end of the ban, PGP had school in the widespread use of encryption ” public key “.

There are two versions of the program: the first is downloaded from the network solutions Encryption from Symantec enables organizations to provide data protection. The second is commercial: you pay for, but in return you get a few more features, and most importantly, the support provided by the manufacturer.


PGP Personal Privacy

is the commercial version of the product and allows you to first encrypt the data on your hard disk, creating a true virtual disk accessible as any partition, as long as you know the password. But this is just a secondary function, although very convenient and useful. The main function is instead the aforementioned public key encryption. PGP allows you to create your own key pair (public and private), to keep an archive of the public keys of the people with whom we would like to correspond and send e-mails encrypted by those keys. You can also use the system keys like a true ” electronic signature “to attest the validity of electronic documents.

The public key cryptography is not exactly an intuitive mechanism, but to explain it really provides a complete and comprehensive documentation, which includes, among other things, a detailed introduction to cryptography pleasant reading.

Too good?

And in fact there’s the rub: PGP is not translated in Italian and is unfortunately only distributed in English.

The Symantec  offers many solutions as Software
 , you can try the demo programs in order to assess what your alley.

  1. Symantec Encryption Management Server provides organizations with a single console to manage multiple encryption applications, including Drive Encryption, Desktop, Gateway, and Mobile Email Encryption, Encryption and File Share Software test
  2. Symantec Drive Encryption provides businesses, high performance full disk encryption for all data (user files, swap files, system files, hidden files, etc.) on desktops, laptops and removable media.  Trial Software
  3. Encryption Gateway Email provides centrally managed email encryption to secure email communications with customers and partners.
  4. Share File Encryption allows users to automatically and transparently encrypt individual files and folders on laptops, desktops and file servers that enable the secure shariSymantec security solutionng of protected documents, spreadsheets, graphics files, and more.  Trial Software
  5. Symantec PGP Command Line enables organizations to quickly and easily integrate encryption into batch processes, scripts and applications to ensure the security of corporate data at rest or in transit. Whether your challenge is protecting credit card information, financial transactions, payroll, medical records, or other confidential information  Trial software

Encryption is a critical part of the toolkit for data protection of an organization.

Cryptography protection of information

Symantec’s most complete security solution for encrypting laptops, desktops, email, mobile, and data in the cloud.