Studied geometry with the spreadsheet Office

Spreadsheets , such as Excel, lend themselves not only to automate calculations and store data , but also to many other tasks , sometimes unusual but very useful. Also for studenti.Per example, you can create a spreadsheet showing graphically the area and perimeter of a circle and can calculate the measures starting from radius or diameter , or perform the calculation reverse .
First you need to create a couple of tables that possible to calculate the area and circumference starting by the radius or diameter (which is twice the radius ) . at the the same way you will see how to calculate the radius ( diameter ) from by area and perimetro.Per clarify what are the calculated values ​​, use against a yellow background . While the white ones allow you to enter values ​​for calculations. Here are displayed the formulas ( that all students should know by heart ! ) .

Excel spreadsheets

The area is equal to product of the square of the radius for The number π is a mathematical constant . The length of the circumference is instead equal to the product diameter for Pi greek . To make clear the table , also included a graphic representation of the circumference. enough Select the menu item Insert Excel Forms, and then draw a circle . So you choose a ray and track the performance of the ray from the center . finally with “Insert” and ” Text Box ” , you can type in the points appropriate graph the words ” radius ” and ” circumference ” .
To give a final touch may protect against modification cells of read-only , or those colored in yellow, because they are intended to contain formulas calcolo.È just select them all with one click, hold down the button CTRL . Finally, in the ” Revision ” select ” Protect Sheet .” Not enter a password in the box that appears and confirm with Click on ” OK”. At this point the calculation cells will only reading and you can only enter values ​​in the entry calculation data , blank.

Greek pi and square root The constant Pi greek (the irrational and broken 3.14) is inserted using a standard Excel function, ie PI (), while the square root for the calculation of starting from the radius is inserted with the function SQRT (number).