Stop the stand-by

Proliferate in our homes from time remote controls. Unlikely to stay there are less than three , but there are those who end up with six or seven of these scatolotti . At each remote corresponds to a device that is always turned on. Yeah, because in response to the signal power sent from the remote control , the device must actually have some circuits already fed . the classic “LED” TV’s red there is in fact a dimostrarlo.Ora , if the unit is well designed ,

the circuits under voltage mode stand-by will be very few in practice the power supply and the control logic of the sensor infrared. But often things are not in this way : for example, some devices are held under tension even other circuits to ensure that you walk away from the stand-by operation complete in a very short time ( depending on often called ” instant on ” power immediate ) .

consumi-in-stand-ByThese devices consume energy even when switched off so as not indifferent. Thus , it is not uncommon to encounter for example in TVs that consume, on stand-by , about 5 Watt . If you start to add up your TV , DVD DVD , stereo , satellite decoder etc., it is possible that you find yourself with a consumption of 30/40 Watt with all devices ” Off ” .

A little ‘ how to leave a lamp always on, you’re home or not , it is notte.Per day or work around the problem without give up the convenience of remote control , the industry has given birth to a solution call jargon ” standby killers ” : a small device , in fact a remote-controlled outlet , to be inserted between the outlet Wall and devices in stand -by mode. It allows you to permanently turn off all devices connected , and put them on stand-by with the touch of a button ( to times precisely via remote control, stand-by killer however, has a consumption close to zero). Unfortunately , it is a solution valid only if the units to be really control have a high consumption by spenti.Per understand why , just do the math . The stand- by killer is typically sold at about 20 euro .

With approximately the same amount you buy 100 kWh of energy. If your device consumes 5 W in stand-by , to consume 100 kWh will employ about twenty thousand hours, that is, two years and three months in stand- by mode. There is therefore affordability to adopt a stand -by killer , unless the equipment is not inspected present a far greater consumption : 20 W , for example , by calculating 20 hours of stand-by to just a day about 8 months to equalize the spending and start saving .