Start Windows XP in Safe mode

How to Start Windows XP in Safe Mode.

Safe mode is an operating system session that provides the functionality needed , in short , start a “reduced” .

It is used usually to solve a variety of problems : from the incorrect screen resolution of viral infections . If operating systems prior to Windows XP , restart the
Windows Recovery XP  in Safe Mode, with the latest system from Microsoft , the procedure is slightly macchinosa.Ve to explain on this page. First, close all running programs in Delete files indelible in Windows XpWindows XP.

Then open the System Configuration Utility , follow these steps : Go to Start / Run and type the command ” msconfig ” without the quotes, as shown in figura.Fate click “OK ” , or press ENTER.

In the window that opens , navigate to the tab ” BOOT.INI ” . All ‘ inside of the screen that appears , put a check mark next to the ” / SAFEBOOT ,” then click “OK”. A window appears that informs you of the need to immediately restart the machine for the changes to take effect .


Click ” Restart” The computer restarts in Safe mode as well . In some cases, the startup operation can last much longer than usual : be patient . To return to the normal mode of Windows XP , repeat the above steps again , this time removing the check mark next to ” / SAFEBOOT ” , and restart your computer normally .


In many cases (especially if you use older operating systems ) , to start the computer in Safe mode , simply press the F8 function key . This operation should only be done after the machine has detected the hardware components ( such as hard drives , memory , or RAM) but before you start the operating system. If the BIOS is configured correctly, or if the machine supports it, at the right time by pressing the F8 advanced options screen appears that allows you to boot up your PC in various ways , among which also the provisional one .

Select it using the arrow keys and the ENTER key .


Software stored in an EEPROM or a flash ROM inside the motherboard can handle booting the computer and communicate information about peripherals and hardware components installed .

Safe mode is used to solve various problems that occur when you start Windows or to enable the removal of various threats (viruses, worms, trojans, etc.). Before a complete scan of your computer with an antivirus software (eg SysClean) it is better to start your Windows operating system in safe mode.