Spotify how to listen to music free streaming

How to listen to music for free with Spotify

Let’s see how to listen to music for free using Spotify, the music service for streaming on demand that allows us to access millions of songs of the major record companies (EMI, Sony, Universal, Warner Music) and key independent labels.
With Spotify can listen our favorite artists, create playlists or listen to those of others. We can navigate between different genres and moods, and new releases hit of the moment, or select the page DISCOVER for us to suggest new music based on what we are listening.
With Spotify can listen to free music on computers running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux but also on mobile, smartphone, iPad and tablet.

Spotify is available in two different modes: Free and Premium. Spotify Free version is free that lets you listen to an unlimited amount of music in our choice interspersed occasionally by short commercials. Spotify Premium version is instead a fee that lets you listen to commercial-free, with bitrates up to 320kbps and with the ability to listen to music offline, ie without an Internet connection

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What to do to listen to music for free with Spotify

Sign up

To listen to music for free with Spotify must sign up.
Colleghiamoci official website of Spotify .
We click on the button DOWNLOAD SPOTIFY .
We enter the required data in the Register with your e-mail .
We click on SUBSCRIBE .
Alternatively we can sign up with Facebook by clicking the Sign up with Facebook .

Download and install the player Spotify

This opens the Open SpotifySetup.exe
I click Save File to download the Spotify player on your computer.
We double-click the file SpotifySetup we just downloaded to run the installation file.

Access to Spotify

After installation insert username and password used to sign up.
If we have signed up with Facebook we enter e-mail address and password of Facebook.
We click LOGIN .
If you see the window Security Windows do click Allow Access .

At this point we must not do is type the name of our favorite artist in the box Search to display songs and albums available, or click one of the items on the menu ( Top List , Create and Mood , New Releases ) to discover and listen to music for free without any limits.

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