Speed up Windows 8 to the maximum: The Definitive Guide

Here for you a simple guide that will enable you to learn how to speed up Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 or in 10 small and simple steps.

Your computer has lately become very slow and are unable to do any good?

No one likes to look at the computer that loads when we carry out an operation, that’s why I decided to take the time to write this guide for you, I’m sure it will give you a hand to solve the problem these days is dissipating.

As you mentioned before, I’ll explain everything in 10 steps to help you as soon as possible to increase the performance of your computer and speed up Windows 8 in the best way.

If you read our blog regularly, you will find that every day we deal with information technology, and today I decided to share with all the little “tricks” that routinely use to speed up Windows 8, when a user is in difficulty performing certain operations.

Before performing these steps, make sure your Windows 8 is updated to the maximum. To control the type Fider (“magnifying glass“), Windows Update, and click on Search Updates and installs all available.

Scan with an Anti-MalwareSpeed up Windows 8 maximum

Malware can be very harmful to the operating system, their only purpose for which they are created, it is precisely those of causing damage of varying severity on the computer system in which they are installed.

To overcome this problem and ensure that does not happen a second time, it is important to be careful with misleading advertisements that are turante surfing the Internet, and the free software that you download from unreliable sources.

I’ll explain everything in detail in the article linked, will help to remove malware from your computer, in order to improve and speed up Windows 8 for free.


Delete the unused software

Often on the computer you are installing software that you need to use only once. Sometimes it happens that by download from sites unreliable free software, for our distraction constantly clicking the button “Next, Next …” you agree to install a variety of software, that our Windows PC do not need to absolutely nothing.

Having a multiplicity of programs inutillizati on your computer, cause a significant slowdown Computer You, and remove unnecessary ones will help you speed up Windows 8 further.

Let’s start!

To delete the operating system from Microsoft software, we have to use the option Finder (magnifying glass) and look for the Programm and Features.

At this point, select the software unused or those installed by mistake one at a time and click Uninstall.

When all uninstalls makes quite a reboot that will not hurt your computer, because it will help him to start without the overhead of all the software you had installed before.

Reduce the software when Windows starts

When accents your computer in the morning or in the evening, the operating system must initialize and start all the software planning to be started simultaneously in Windows. Therefore it is easy to deduce that these programs are more and more will be slow startup and loading the PC.

To solve this problem, which his resolution will give a boost in speed up Windows 8, just deselect the software that can be found in Start msconfig Windows.

Never fear, to facilitate the life I prepared an article that will explain all the details to do this. Even if it’s for Windows 7, do not worry about the process is always the same.

Speed up Windows startup


Features a super fast hard disk on your PC

For some time, they came on the market of hard disks of new type, called SSD (Solid State Disk).

The particularity of these hard disks, is that of not having a mechanical disk drive inside that in continuous rotation, because constituted by flash memory. In fact, they are similar to a USB stick.

The best SSD on the market, can in fact increase your computer’s performance up to 10 times.

SSDs, however, have very affordable prices, why are recommend HDD 120GB or 250GB, so you just install the operating system and software, while maintaining the data on the hard disk mechanic who already own.

By adopting the technical mechanical hard drive + SSD, you will have the opportunity to have a large amount of files on your PC, and an operating system very fast.

This in my opinion is the best technique to speed up Windows 8 at most.

Do not install software that promise to speed up Windows 8

An error that can make a novice user, in an attempt to speed up Windows 8, is to install programs download from the Internet, which promise to make the operating system faster.

It often happens that to get the user, will show the results of a preliminary scan of the operating system; in 99.99% of cases with disastrous results but false.

Obviously if you want to avoid infest your computer, do not install this type of programs.


Windows 8 clean temporary files and other unnecessary files
Windows while running, it generates a large amount of files from the browser search, logs errors, OS updates, and many others.

When the amount of files has become huge, it is necessary to make a clean tidy up the S.O.

In the guide that I propose in the link below, I described in detail how to do if you want to speed up Windows 8 eliminating unnecessary files for Windows.

How to clean and optimize Windows

Enable high performance Windows

Windows is also green; if you do not know, there is a setting in your operating system from Microsoft that allows you to balance the performance of the computer and the electricity consumed. If you want to speed up Windows 8 at peak performance, you have to go to Control Panel Windows 8, go on Energy Saving and set high performance.

Although you probably will not notice any difference, when you install software with the current setting, you see speed up Windows 8 to a good 10%.


Increase the RAM on your PC

It often does not just apply to the operating system all the applications that you’ve just explained. Your computer may be slow in spite of everything, giving you discomfort and not just during use.

To speed up Windows 8 in this case, you’ll need to expand the RAM memory of your computer (very easy to change).

RAM, does nothing but store data from the hard disk, to supply faster processor. More RAM you have available, and more will be the data that will provide the processor immediately.


Restart your computer regular

A good rule to keep in good health your computer is to make a habit of turning it off every night. Turning it off increases the potential life span of the hardware and especially you do that every time you turn off and turn on the Windows 8 operating system, save the settings and changes made.

Usually my computer stays on when I get up to when I go to bed, during the day to save energy I put on stand-by in the evening and turn it off.

Defragment your hard drive

The fragmentation of your hard drive is also a major cause of slowing down an operating system. Having a large amount of files scattered across the hard drive does not help the work of Windows.

If defragment your hard drive will give certainly a smaller load of work and S.O. load more data.



You have reached the end of the steps. I’m sure if you’ve performed carefully to what I suggested and you’re trying to learn these new habits, speed up Windows 8 at most no longer a dream but a wonderful reality.

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