Recommended speed for burning DVD

Technologies fighting each other, expensive media and targeted by taxes, and competition on the same CD (which for many purposes is still much more convenient DVD) oppose the rise of this new support, which however is slowly conquering the market now virtually all computers for sale, above a certain price range, have a DVD burner . In this comparison, we tested the burners capable of reaching the speed 8X for burning DVD + R media .

The recommended speed for burning a DVD, you can then see any player from desktop, laptop or TV unit is 8X


The double standard

In the field of DVD writable and rewritable comparing two different and incompatible standards: the DVD-R/RW  and DVD + R / RW . The difference in name, as you can see, is tiny: the hyphen in the second case, is transformed into a “+”.
Even the practical differences, in reality, there are substantial: both sizes, in fact, provide support write-once and rewritable one, and have the same capacity.

  • The DVD-R/RW are a bit ‘cheaper to produce , and therefore cost less, but most of the writers are unable to use them only at a speed slower than DVD + R / RW (there are exceptions to the rule ). The rest of differences concerns more than anything else compatibility with older models or modes of operation in the case of use with VCRs, which concern only a small minority of users who buy a DVD burner for your PC. Unfortunately, the substantial similarity of the formats is not enough to make them compatible with each other, and for some time we had two separate categories of writers, who were not able to write one another’s support of the other, resulting in confusion on the part of buyers. The problem was finally overcome by the adoption of devices that can exploit both the DVD-R media , both DVD + R. All models reviewed here can accommodate media of both types, and some are able to accept a third type, the DVD-RAM

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Backup copies on DVDTo test the apparatus participants we decided to focus on features such as DVD recorders , definitely the most challenging. However, we have also checked the functionality as CD burners, measuring the speed of the copy on a CD-R of a group of small files, while the main test provided a full copy of a DVD-Video disc on each of the four types of media possible, also in this case by measuring the speed of transfer. For all tests we used the Nero burning software , which allowed us to measure the speed of the machines regardless of the goodness of the software included. The media for burning there has been kindly provided by Verbatim and M emorex . It is known that writers often manifest incompatibility to support certain brands. During the test, the only problem is with the LG burner, which did not recognize the DVD + R 8X Verbatim used by us. Trying to use a similar support Traxdata the trial went regularly. In general, the evidence showed that all the devices examined keep what they promise.


The biggest surprise was perhaps the result of the writer Freecom : However, only one of all, it is an external burner, not in the least affected by the condition, resulting in even faster in some tests. For his pova we used the USB 2.0 interface, since most prevalent in the PC, but remember that the FX50 can also connect via Firewire interface. The writer NEC was the only one able to reach even with 8X speed DVD-R media, and not surprisingly, the result is better in this case. Another crucial field, ie, burning DVD + R media at 8X speed, the faster is the result TEAC, while the cheapest model, the TX, registered a certain detachment from others.


Before leaving, two caveats to keep in mind.

First, each burner is sold with its own internal software, called firmware. A firmware change can significantly alter the performance of your drive, even adding new features such as the ability to read or write to other formats. The performance measured by us are obviously valid for the version of the firmware found by us already installed, and is indicated in the scoreboard. In the event that the performance of your burner does not satisfy you, check the Web site of the manufacturer if you can download a new version of firmware to install. It is not a thing to do every day (incorrect installation may render useless the burner), but it can solve many problems.

Second, the writers that are here reviewed almost certainly available in stores at the time of the magazine, you might have some trouble to procure the media. When carrying out the tests, the DVD ± R / RW certificates for use at 8X speed were practically unobtainable. It could then pass some time before they are actually available (and the cost may be higher). Take this into account before making the purchase.

We must not forget that, in addition to the two formats that are competing for the DVD market, there exists a third, called DVD-RAM . It is a format quite different: while DVD ± R are made ​​to be written once, and DVD + RW discs to be rewritten a limited number of times, the DVD-RAM allows numerous cancellations and rewrites, and are then made ​​on purpose to be used as a substitute for a hard disk; for example, there are several cameras that use DVD-RAM as a support for recording. Initially, this type of media were also physically different, being enclosed in a protective plastic the same way as floppy disks; Today, however, there are also DVD-RAM without this container.

The latter can also be written by some writers to DVD ± R / RW; in particular, it all depends on the characteristics of your burner.

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