Speed ​​up Android with Clean Boost Master Phone

Clean Master – Your Phone Manager

Over 400 million users have already installed Clean Master , probably the best app to speed up and optimize your Android smartphone or tablet. If your device has become slow, if it is overheating, if you experience any problems during startup of app or if you just look for a simple utility to free up space and memory then Clean Master is the app you are looking for.

Through a nice screen, or by choosing a widget 1-click, you can free up storage space on your device and SD card by removing all the temporary files and junk that accumulate after each use.

Clean Master Android Boost can also enhance games and free memory RAM misused, increasing the speed of the app, prevent overheating of the device and protect against malicious applications and vulnerability, due to its integrated antivirus that scans the entire phone in just 8/2, faster and safer than many other paid antivirus.

Clean Master is able to cool the device by finding and stopping the applications that are causing the overheating. Delete files and file cache to recover waste storage capacity, speed and improve the performance of the device and the SD card and can identify pictures doubles.

Boost your games and your apps, free memory (RAM), and speeds up the device all in one touch.

Speed ​​up Android with Clean Boost Master Phone


The app can also calculate how much CPU is being used by the open applications and prevents larger ones wasting battery, slow down the device and cause it to overheat.

Clean Master scans the system, the app pre-installed and user-installed Android to keep safe from viruses, trojans, vulnerability, adware and spyware. The app can also protect your privacy by deleting your personal information from your device and allowing you to completely uninstall unwanted apps or bloatware, and performing a backup of your choice. Clean Master Phone Boost is free, only for Android.


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