Solve black screen of the PC when Windows starts

If while you are using the computer normally, surfing the Internet, listening to music, writing or playing these and all of a sudden freezes, it is natural to try to restart it. Usually just this operation and the computer, ignition completed back again but if it appears to function as the deep black screen then you have to proceed differently.

The black screen is also called ” black screen of death “because it does not appear at all, absolutely no startup screen, the PC side, but not” crackles “and the screen remains blank but depends on the screen. This type of error is present in all versions of Windows and the old ones or the recent ones such as Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 .


It appears when you turn on the computer , then immediately it appears the black screen that sometimes shows a blinking cursor up or the mouse pointer can be moved without being able to do other things. This article bring some solutions to fix all black screen when Windows PC , but that work only if your computer no parts damaged.


  1. Restore: when the computer starts (F8 key in repetition) can proceed with the restoration of system configuration that will only bring back the computer to the last working configuration.
  2. Video Card :  if you turn on the computer, but it seems that work on the screen can not see anything because it’s all black and seemingly devoid of all its functionality may be that there is a problem with the video card driver that you can easily fix. It means that the computer is turned on until you reach the desktop but can not see, to solve this problem you have to uninstall and re-install the graphics card driver must also be updated. Start by opening the task manager or task manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and once opened you will have to go to the ” Processes“and end what is called explorer.exe . Click on File> Run new task and then in the empty field you have to enter explorer.exe and click OK. If all went well you should see the Start button which will allow you to enter the Control Panel> Device Manager> Display Adapter> Driver> Update Driver; using the right mouse button on the device indicated’ll have to go and uninstall. After this step, you can restart your PC and connect to the Internet but you must download and install the drivers for your video card to date (eg. AMD or NVIDIA)Black Screen Windows
  3. Safe Mode: This solution also works on Windows 10. You must start mode provisional then go to Control Panel> Device Manager> Device Manager> Display Adapter> Uninstall . When you restart the computer should automatically install the default drivers, this will solve the problem of black screen.
  4. Pen drive: when starting the PC is blocked by a black screen with a blinking cursor check that there is plugged into a USB port or a thumb drive into the computer that there is a CD / DVD. If you find one of these two things, the computer would think that within them there is the operating system to install and therefore is not able to start up normally from the hard disk. To solve the problem, just remove them and try again, or get into the bios and set the hard drive as the master device so as to take precedence over all others.
  5. Registry:  If there is a thumb drive connected, if Safe mode does not start nor the task manager, you should try to enter the Recovery Console. To do this you need the installation disc of Windows (since Windows 8 is not present, you must press SHIFT + F8 on startup to access the advanced startup mode). You must try the entry for the command prompt and from there you would type regedit.exe and press the ENTER key, doing so will open the Registry Editor. You must go through the following key in the system registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon  and after selecting Winglogon must verify, in the right part of the screen, that the value of both Shell explorer.exe (if it’s not you’ll have to change it manually). After doing this you can just restart the PC.
  6. installation CD:  If none of the above methods has been successful, you can try to insert the installation CD of Windows (preferably not less than Windows 7) and proceed with a recovery system will not delete any files present and at the same time will fix the black screen of death.
  7. Internal damage:  as mentioned at the beginning of article, these solutions can be fine if there are no internal damage to the PC as the case of a broken record, the damaged RAM, the PC is rebooted constantly etc.


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