Smartphone trends expected in 2017

Every year the smartphone are becoming more and more fancy, finally turning from a means of communication in a complex multi-tasking device.

Improved design, is moving by leaps and bounds development of functional, each manufacturer is trying to outdo the other and produce something really bright and special.

If we try to list all the news coming out in 2017, only one list spread over many pages of names! Better let’s choose the most interesting model is really worth your attention.

Of course, at the moment of complete and detailed information on any of these smartphone do not exist – all that we can handle it leaks, speculation and rumors. Companies jealously kept secrets of his future projects.

But we can already say with certainty that any of them will be on the head of the device exceed the current generation.


Another kind of Apple


Apple is not losing ground and is preparing to release immediately several novelties

The new version of the iconic smartphone, the seventh of its kind, will be even bigger and thin, while maintaining its unique and recognizable design. iPhone 7, we expect this fall, and in 2017 will be released iPhone 7s model – even more powerful and improved version.

Among the expected improvements in particular is to provide a new camera – quality footage through seventh iPhone as they say, can be safely equated to taking on a professional SLR camera. Main camera resolution will be equal to 21 megapixels.Expected specifications – A10 chipset and operating system iOS 11.

Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S8 can get flexible display

But from the Galaxy S8, the output of which is also quite likely already in 2017, I would expect something a little more original. The previous model was decorated elegantly and tastefully decorated, in high-quality and durable metal body, but it looked very simple. there were a lot of rumors about what the new model can get a foldable display.

This model will take over the best features of its predecessor and will receive enhanced specifications: Android 7.0 operating system and 6 GB of RAM, support for 5G networks, 5.5-inch display and a processor Snapdragon 840. Galaxy S7 is considered the best of the creations of the brand, so the Samsung Galaxy S8 is simply obliged to become a masterpiece.



LG is not going to concede to its competitors in the technological race

The LG, as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of everything, probably also will not stand aside. After the release of a new flagship smartphone G5, presented at the exhibition MWC, in February-March, they are more likely to launch a new model, LG G6. Since his last models of the brand is doing much emphasis is on the quality of shooting, it makes sense to expect the appearance of fine G6 camera with powerful optics.

LG product design in recent years as far moved forward. Novelty can boast a beautiful exterior, in that darkness will invest all their achievements, experience and knowledge in this field. Probable characteristics – UHD display, support 4k video format, 5 GB of RAM, the Snapdragon 830 processor, a 26 Mp camera with support for recording.

Sony Xperia Z7


Xperia Sony Z7 in three versions will go on sale in 2017

This model will be presented to the public at the beginning of 2017, and judging by how much it is entrusted expectations – this time Sony fully intend to become serious competitors to other manufacturers. The model will go on the market, with just three available versions: standard CD and supplemented. All of them will be different display sizes.

The design is the result of many months of hard work, as well as its “filling”: the new Iksperii stated performance, the battery is suitable for 36 hours of active use without recharging the smartphone, the camera 28 megapixel, protection against moisture, shock and dust. Z7 Specifications are as follows: 30 megapixel main camera, 6 GB of RAM, operating system Android 7.0, Snapdragon processor 830.

Google Nexus


Updated Nexus from the company Google has launched the development

Google-owned brand, the Nexus smartphones produced a variety of companies: for example, the Nexus was founded Huawei 6p hands, and Nexus 5x is the brainchild of LG. Therefore quite an interesting question – what brand will take over the work on the next Nexus?

So far, most likely the manufacturer is HTC, allowing to predict the approximate form of the new Google Nexus is easy – just look at the previous work of the producer. It is expected that the smartphone will be released in two versions – a simpler and more serious, with additional features. The output of this model is expected in early 2017.

HTC One M10


M10 will be serious competition to other manufacturers of smartphones

In addition to the proposed work on Google Nexus, HTC company does not forget and to develop its own offspring – One. In the future, the light should appear in its new version, correcting deficiencies and developing the precursor direction. Externally, the model looks no worse than Samsung or LG. The smartphone is light, thin, and will get a special composite layer on the body that will make it more durable.

In this version of One processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 812 will be used and updated, more powerful battery that allows the smartphone to hold a charge longer. The novelty will get features such as wireless charging, and fast recharge, and a good camera (primary – 27 megapixel, front – 10 Mn). It is unknown whether the smartphone scanning option fingers get, which is extremely popular among the models of 2016-2017’s.


Of course, just keep all the novelties impossible. But you can choose a smartphone that not only meets all of your desires, but anticipates them! Most new, carefully crafted and interesting variant will offer you one of these manufacturers. If your plans for the near future is present item “Change Phone”, then look at the novelties of this year – it is possible, it is among them you will find your ideal.


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