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Sharing and File Backup  A network drive for home or office use , robust, versatile and not too expensive. Network Solution indispensable LaCie d2 Network d2 Network 2 is a network drive with Gigabit Ethernet interface available in two denominations : 2 Tb ( we tried) and 3 TB , with prices ranging from 239 to 279 Euros. It is proposed by the manufacturer as a professional solution and, indeed , for build quality and ability of management falls perfectly into this category , on the other hand, the cost and features such as the built-in BitTorrent server or UPnP support for sharing audio / videos are decidedly geared for home use , or, at best , mixed environments ” home-office ” . Storage professional network with single disk for small businesses .

Professional sharing of files for PC and Mac The unit comes with a robust aluminum chassis , compact but quite heavy (1.5 kg ) provided finning side that obviates the use of a cooling fan : the d2 Network is therefore particularly quiet. The disc features a solid base for your desk, but if you acquire more units of the same type , you can stack them together. On the front stands a single button with two-color backlight , which serves as both a key backup to external drives (the contents of all connected units will be copied to the d2 Network ) and diagnostic LEDs , indicating the state with the startup , normal operation , backup, error or overheating.

Sharing and File BackupStorage professional network single disc for enterprises of small dimensioni.Provvidenziale , to regard, the sensor for automatic temperature control which , in case of necessity , force the unit to standby to prevent faults : it eliminates in this way to the the most frequent root cause of data loss due to hardware problems. On the back , there are the RJ-45 Ethernet port , a USB port and an eSATA for connecting external drives are compatible ( for backup from / to the d2 Network or to expand the total capacity of the system – the extra disks are ” taken over ” by the controller d2) , and the power button with Auto . In this mode , you can turn off and turn on the unit remotely , but unfortunately , while switching off can be run via a browser from any PC , restart Management Utility requires the presence LaCie Network Assistant. Still on the subject of management , the unit offers everything a director could want. The administration interface is accessible via browser or via the aforementioned utility that simplifies the first access to the unit and its initial configuration , as well as the management of shared folders.

You can manage users, groups, shares and work in a professional manner , also taking advantage of Active Directory services may already be in use on the network . The d2 Network can therefore fit well into existing networks and structured with some complexity , such as those typically found in the company. Sharing and File Backup LACIE D2 NETWORK 2 More interesting for home users the ability to configure your d2 Network as a UPnP media server or server Torrent, to make sure that automatically download the desired files from the Internet , without the need of a PC and the management of the torrent file could be better but it is unfortunately necessary to manually load , and one at a time , the desired files. Furthermore , because of the limits of the power of the internal processor , it is not possible to manage more than 20 simultaneously.

Finally , the unit supports SMB and AFP and remote connections via FTP, HTTP and HTTPS. Apart from the above-mentioned problem of the management of torrent files , work with this unit is really enjoyable and productive. Performance depends largely on the configuration of the network and its state, but , as an example , we can say that on a gigabit home network we have achieved read speed of 17.6 MB / s read and 13.7 Mb / s write. The connection server backup storage unit comes with backup software Genie Backup Manager Pro , which supports the function of ” disaster recovery ” and is compatible with operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista ®, Windows Vista 64-bit , Windows 7 / Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 or later / Linux 2.6. Also includes software :

LaCie Network Assistant for Windows , Mac, and Linux Genie Backup Manager Pro software for Windows Intego Backup Manager Pro software for Mac Backup and Restore Server Local Product Profile LaCie d2 Network 2 Get extra security and increase the portability Storage of data backing up professional network with single disk is a simple solution for backing up all your office computer . It includes Genie ® Backup Manager Pro ™ for Windows ® and Intego ® Backup Manager Pro ™ for Mac Backup And Restore Of Internet Data Center Installation Procedure

Step 1: connection A. Connect the power cord. B. Connect the Ethernet cable to the unit d2 Network 2 and to the network via an electrical outlet or directly to a router, switch or hub. C. Turn on the d2 Network 2 by moving the power switch to the ON position. NOTE : Wait approximately 3 minutes for the d2 Network 2 and starts to become available on the network ( the front LED will stop flashing )

Step 2: Access the Dashboard A. Install LaCie Network Assistant on your computer from the CD -ROM drive LaCie Utilities . So : Windows Users : Right -click select the Network Assistant icon in the taskbar , Linux users: with the right mouse button , click on the LaCie Network Assistant icon in the taskbar . B. Select Configuration Window (Window configuration ) from the menu. If in the left column appears in more than one server LaCie , select LaCie- d2 . C. Make sure that you have selected the tab Network (Network ), and then click the LaCie d2 . In the default Web browser opens the Dashboard ( admin page ) . When you first log in to the Dashboard , the browser loads the installation wizard and customization


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