Share a disk on the local network

Share a folder or a drive on the local network, on an ongoing basis, is an operation that, in computer jargon is called mapping . It is about giving a network address to access the resource at last from Pc by assigning a drive letter to the virtual, so the network drive will be displayed as the disk F (or another letter) exactly how the disk C is what contains the operating system. Mapping is not mandatory, because you can get to the folders and disks remote through the icon Resource Network. Last procedure, however, is slow and awkward, while the mapping, transforming the network folder into a virtual drive, allows you to view its contents with a single mouse click, even with programs that do not use the dialog windows.


remote disk in a unit always active on the PC.

  1. Before the mapping of a folder or a disk, you must share it, that is, make it available to all other users on the local network. In Windows , open Windows Explorer or My Computer, navigate to the folder or disk, select it and click it with the right mouse button. Select Sharing and Security .
  2. Click If you know the risk but still want to share …….. to activate the card content sharing. Then put the check mark to Share this folder on the network , assign a name to the resource and choose whether or not to give other users the ability to edit the contents of the documents, putting the check mark to the item Allow network users to change files . Otherwise the resource will be accessible in read-only. When a disc or folder is shared, you will see their icon next to a small hand.
  3. To transform a network share in a disc virtually present on the PC, open Windows Explorer from the Tools menu select Connect Network units .
  4. Choose a letter that will identify the new resource, click Browse and search for the computer in My Network available, or proceed manually (when the computer to be connected is turned off or is not available). In this case, assuming a remote PC is called Zeus that contains a hard drive already called shared disk in the box folder must write \\ Zeus \ Disco , case sensitive and always putting the name back slash that is the backslash, which is on the keyboard next to the number 1. Leaving the check mark to the item Reconnect at logon , each restart of the PC network resource will be mapped (connected) and made ​​available.
  5. If you need a different user name to access the network resource, you can specify it by clicking Connect with a different name . Write down your username and password, which of course you must already know, then click Ok .
  6. To map a network folder, so that the Windows Consider the same way as a drive letter, part of the computer, open Windows Explorer / Tools / Network Drive. In the Folder indicated the path of the network, to the name of the folder, for example \\ Zeus \ Disk \ MP3 .
  7. You will find the shared resource in My Computer or Windows Explorer and you can use it normally, with only the foresight that files removed from a network drive does not end up in the trash, but are permanently deleted. Double-click on the new icon to go directly to the content.

8 If the mapping is no longer necessary, vacated the unit involved. Open My Computer, select the network drive, click the Tools menu and choose Disconnect Network Drive .


Lovers of the Command Prompt will gladly know that the command “Net use” allows you to make the same operations as we have already explained. Open Prompt from the Start / Run, type “Command” and press Enter. Then type “net use Z:  Zeus \\ \ Disco “, with the same syntax that we explained in step 4.