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On the contrary, the three proverbial monkeys who “see no, hear no, and do not speak”, videoconferencing allows you to establish an audio and video contact with partners around the world.

The first consideration to make when it comes to video conferencing , is: “Do not believe the advertising.” The increase in speed of Internet connections has improved the possibility of establishing a audio and video communication between two remote computers, but the images full screen, smooth and bright, which will show the smallest detail to the interlocutor, is a promise that perhaps only the technologies of the future will be able to meet. Who is going to try the technique armed with videoconferencing standard, that is a personal computer with a web cam, speakers and a microphone, you have to expect results much less sensational.

This does not mean that the video does not work and is not funny. Such as chat, requires a bit ‘of time to become familiar and to find a “virtual place” to meet nice people. We can not hide the fact that the video conferencing rooms are frequently erotic orientation, so it is good to approach with caution, maintaining strict confidentiality of the personal data and by closely monitoring the activities of children.

Microsoft NetMeeting - DownloadWhat you need Without the necessary premises, those who want to discover the world of video conferencing or video chat will have to, first of all, buy a web cam. They are on sale now basic models whose cost does not exceed EUR 30,00. The difference with the more expensive equipment is generally linked to the values ​​of the resolution: while the simplest models working at 320 x 240 pixels, the most advanced reaching 640 x 480 pixels or higher resolutions. A lower value is appropriate for a connection to the “narrowband” like that of the traditional 56K modem, while a higher resolution can only work with the broadband communications such as ADSL or optical fiber. Almost all modern Web cam is connected to the PC via the USB port, so installation is very simple. To speak with your partner you need a sound card, which must be connected a pair of speakers and a microphone.

The ideal is to have a headset with microphone, for two distinct reasons: the microphone is much closer to the mouth and then we have freedom of movement with the head and the earphones that prevent the sounds from the speakers cause an annoying echo effect . Because everything is working properly adjusted the parameters of both devices with the mixer that is built into Windows, which opens when you click on the little speaker icon that is beside the clock. If the icon does not appear, open the Start / Control Panel / Sounds and Audio Devices, and put a check mark next to the item ” Place volume icon in the taskbar . ” Adjust the volume bars for the output and input of audio, which will be well set on the average to avoid distortions, often the microphone is off to save the system memory, but just put the check mark to turn it back on.

Programs A videoconference session is a connection of type “point to point”, that is to say that both participants must be directly connected to the Internet and have public IP addresses (ie, those numeric addresses that are unique and exclusive to identify a particular computer on the network). Without this direct connection and bilateral address is not possible. Most of the time that you connect to the Internet, you do it through an address of this kind, but take over particular complications when the connection is made, for example, in a corporate network, where it is highly likely that the video conferencing services are not available for safety reasons and for other technical reasons. However, if you are trying to house, on a computer directly connected to the Internet, you can find out what your IP address by following the path Start / All Programs / Accessories / promt MS-DOS (or Command Prompt).

Type the command “Winipcfg” or “ipconfig”, depending on the version of Windows you have installed and make a note of the number consists of four groups of digits, will serve later. To do video conferencing is obviously necessary to have a dedicated program, but curiously, this is an easy problem to solution. Windows already has a suitable program, which is called Microsoft NetMeeting . Allows you to connect to other users in real time and to converse with the keyboard, voice and pictures, while other functions allow the use of a shared whiteboard, sending and receiving files, sharing applications and documents and so on. If you do not find the program in your operating system, you can download it for free at  configuration NetMeeting When you open the first time , there will be asked a series of questions. The first is whether you want to automatically start a videoconference session by contacting a list of predefined services from Microsoft, but freely configurable, by accessing the configuration options of the program.

The second screen asks you for your personal data, which does not necessarily have to be real ones: it will be available to a wide audience, it is a good idea to avoid spreading sensitive information so limit yourself to write the minimum necessary. Finally, you will be asked for the speed of our Internet connection. With this value, the program will configure the audio and video to optimize transfers. At the end of the configuration you are ready to make your first call: check that the web cam you inquadri well, take a refresher in makeup and hairstyle and get ready, because soon you’ll be online.

Free Download Netmeeting from the manufacturer Microsoft