The sensor of Digital Camera

Among the many features of a digital camera  , we find:   the sensor.

It is the heart of the camera. From this essential component depends on the quality of the captured images. On some less box-to-date, but are still in circulation, you might still find the term “transducer”, a word less sophisticated but definitely closer to the operational function of the device. There are basically two types:  CCD  (Charged Coupled Device) and  CMOS  . (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor)  of the latter has been discussed for at least 10 years from the CCD can be an economical alternative to expensive, but unfortunately their performance seems quite far from being able to be a convenient choice for the buyer.

Yet, according to experts, by 2015, 50 percent of the camcorders and cameras, you should change these sensors. Wanting to translate the manufacturing process in words “simple”, the CCD sensors are realized by covering the surface of a chip with a high number of electrodes, which, in their turn, are interested in turning the light into electric charge. At this point the signal is passed to a signal amplifier.

In this operation oversees a ”  timer  “which deals with optimizing the passage of signals to the decoder chip. The technology, not in itself simple, forcing manufacturers to design sophisticated electronic components, raising not only the cost but also the consumption of energy, with a consequent decrease of the autonomy of the apparatus. The lens placed in front of the sensor on the same project deals with the light captured from the outside. The first problem is however the different shape of these two elements: the lens is traditionally circular, while the sensor, being a panel, is rectangular.

Digital CamerasThe only possibility of coexistence is therefore given by the greatest dimension of the projection lens to the sensor. The size of the sensor adjusts the maximum resolution of the camera.

In fact there is an additional sensor that has evolved more than the CCD, CMOS sensors use less energy. Some cameras using modern   illuminated CMOS sensor ( BSI-CMOS )  sensors that use light more efficiently.

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