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search engine bingBing is the search engine born from the ashes of Microsoft Live Search in June 2009

To counter the dominance of Google, the home of Bill Gates has developed a search engine interface as simple and intuiva.Vediamo what it looks like. Last June, Microsoft launched Bing, a search engine called innovative and, above all, an “intelligent” capable, according to the designers, to interpret the needs of the user. Presents Let’s see how this new service.


bing search engine


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On-line real.


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(Pictures): Search images in somehow (name, tags or other) they relate to the typed name.


threee answers(Shopping): Select stores on-line that offer goods on the name entered.


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(News): Search news: with news that  reported in the textcontents of the string research.


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(Map): Displays the possible locations  geographical, using Bing Maps.


six answers
(Buttons menu radio): It offers the possibility to restrict the search area (all the Web sites only written in english, sites from england, even if written in other language).
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(Top Menu) Moving on MSN Messenger and Hotmail.



(Menu below): A series of help online.


Services on
Images – Images
Videos –
Maps – Maps
xRank – Lets find out what is being sought from other users
Local – Find businesses
Travel – Compare deals for hotels and flights to destinations around the world
Visual search – search by images
Reference – Articles from Wikipedia
Twitter – Find information on twitter
Tour Bing – Information on how Bing allows you to perform a search.
Translator – Translator
Webmasters center – Services for Webmasters
Communities, blogs and forums
Advertising – Advertising
Developer center – Developer Center


answersA special feature of Bing is that it presents a background image that changes every day.