Screenshot the Best Android Apps

The best applications to create screenshot with Android, capture the screen of your device.

Screencast capture screen of your smartphone or tablet is not as easy as for laptops or desktops that run on other platforms.

Screenshot Android

There are many applications for capturing screenshots with Android

but they are not well known or not very successful among users because they usually require root privileges, and not many people willing to root your device to install an application.

Applications that do not require root privileges are not many yet exist and are available on Google Play .

To simplify your search we decided to make a list of the best free and paid applications available today to create screenshot with Android, both applications running on devices that no root root.

Screenshot desktop Computer

Screenshot Android Apps

Screenshot of Kastor Soft

And ‘one of the best applications for Android that allow you to capture the screen of your mobile device.

We begin with the application to tell you that is simply called, a name chosen to avoid giving rise to misunderstanding, the developer claims that we can capture screenshots without having rootare the device, at least on most devices but in the reviews I read on Google Play however some, few, users who have written of the need to rootare your smartphone.

With this application you can make screenshots by clicking on a button at the top of the screen or set a timer to do the screenshot after a few seconds.

Captured images can be saved in various formats (JPG, PNG and BMP), you also have the ability to share photos on social networks, other useful features is the function that lets you select a photo and crop it.

This application can now be installed in sdcard.

Download: Free Screenshots

Quick Screenshot fast and simple app for Android screenshot

The name ” Quick “was given to highlight the characteristics of usability that allows capturing a screen quickly , without difficulty.

You can take a screenshot with a single touch of the screen or pressing the power button and the volume down key, you can set up folders to save the screenshots.

Before you save the image you can see a preview in order to decide whether to proceed or if you delete it.

Tab of the application have not found indications on the need for having rootare the device, in the comments, however, I found reviews that say it is used on all devices also not rootati and no comments contrary.

This application is distributed free version with advertising and Pro without advertising and faster.

Download : Quick screenshots Free

Screen Stream with Android Screencast from spreading even real time

Screen Stream is a very advanced to make a screencast with Android, you can share the flow of your device by connecting dual screen with other computers or devices (cell phones, some smart TVs as Smart TV or ADSL router compatible with RTSP stream) on the same network, we recommend using VLC as a player.

There are no limitations on the number of connections that can be made simultaneously to the video stream, the stream is designed to operate only through a local network.

You can try to run it through an Internet connection but not as shipped, there is the need for some customization to the network configuration but has an operation recommended only for experts.

You can change the resolution, video format, frame rate, and bit rate / quality to optimize performance, three different video formats MPEG4 ie software, hardware accelerated MPEG4 and JPEG Software, 2 network protocols available in the specific TCP and RTSP, Logs screen to know who is connected, sharing the stream URL directly with e-mail, SMS or other applications, or copy it to the clipboard.

This application also allows you to change the display orientation of the device, you can also transmit sound to the screen.

Screen Stream is compatible with all devices no root.

Download: Free Screen – Pro without advertising

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