Save Energy

Save Energy Your Computer consumes only as much power as an entire African village ? You are the biggest generator of greenhouse gases in the condo? Maybe it’s time to intervene … For those who have spent the last few years on a extrasolar planet , I have important news : the earth’s resources are being depleted , and the production of electricity from renewable fossil fuels is raising more and more the level of gas emissions, which cause sooner or later (according to some already do) potentially disastrous climatic change .

Do not worry, the oil will not end tomorrow , and the ice of the South Pole will stay in place even for several years. But if things are going well , the our grandchildren or great-grandchildren may find themselves managing a hopeless situation .

Save EnergyAnd this means a thing: you have to start thinking about it now, before it is too late . The guidelines worldwide are known, there have been fine international conferences , have been signed by various governments tens of commitments and arrangements , always with the aim to reduce the waste of energy and CO2 emissions . But , as usual, between saying and doing is half of the sea , even real oceans , so , waiting for the great of the earth really take to do, maybe it’s time to start to act in person. You’re probably wondering what a difference it can make , for the survival of the human race , a change in your habits , such as turning off the TV rather than leave it in ” stand-by” .

Well, if you do you only change very little … but if millions of people begin to put into practice “virtuous” behavior , even seemingly insignificant , the small individual energy savings multiplied by millions of individuals results in an energy saving substantial – and millions of tons of CO2 less released into the air . Another objection that is often asked is: why I do that? That is because, in a society of wasteful individualists , I sobbarcarmi the burden of being careful what you consume? Well, if you do not do it for your descendants , do it … why it makes sense ! Economically mean : lower consumption equals lower utility bills , and choose the path of ” green ” for the their computing infrastructure also leads to lower costs in terms of equipment , supplies, and forth. In short, an eco-friendly attitude after all pays off, with a few exceptions which will be discussed later .

We have convinced? We hope so , and then we go immediately to the concrete : what can you do to lower the our energy consumption due to computer activities ? There are two possibilities : you can take action to reduce consumption your computer , or you can equip a new PC with specific “green” . A more efficient PC No denying it , many of us are at home computer that are real holes regarding blacks energy consumption . The high-performance machines are certainly the first in which you think, graphics cards, faster processors and hard drives are hungry energy. But strange as it it may seem, even the low-end machines often consume much more than they should. In fact, wasted, because that is energy thrown transformed into heat without producing computing power .

The first component to be put in the dock defendants is definitely the king fed . Economic models have high losses to mass and overall poor efficiency (average values around 50% ) in transforming the current network in DC voltages required by the electronic components. Beware then of the power supplies too cheap , or still dated .

And if your PC is powered by an anonymous -looking little box and discharged without labels certification , maybe it’s time to change it. How to locate a power supply “efficient” ? Well, the price is a good indicator. The person in charge of a ” server farm ‘, a computer center with over 2,000 computers, where of course energy efficiency is critical , told us that the only power of a Sun server cost as much as an Intel PC complete with everything . Apart from the price , since 2005 there is also a specific , non- a true standard, but a sort of self-certification called ” 80plus ” , which attests to the power supply capacity to achieve an efficiency of over 80% in each loading rate (namely 20 , 50 and 100 % the load). 80plus certified power supplies are sold from all the major manufacturers , and there are more than 1300 models . Lately, the specification was enlarged to include three additional grades (bronze, silver and gold) that indicate efficiencies , respectively, 82 , 85 and 87 % .

Another critical component from the point of view consumption is the CPU . In this case , the replacement may not be painless , since a large part it is the component that determines the power of the machine . Fortunately, the two main producers (Intel and AMD) in recent years have worked very on increasing the energy efficiency of chip. thus, the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a 45 micron geometries are faster than previous models in technology 65 microns, but consume less . And since they are compatible at the level of the socket, in many cases it is possible to perform the change of processor without having to buy a PC again. Speeches are worth similar to AMD CPUs , for example, the Turion 64 X2. As for the graphics card, at the moment there little to do in the two largest producers are engaged in a war to the death on the front of the power of calculation , and energy efficiency is the least of their thoughts.

So , in this case the only thing to do is to assess well their needs . Those who do not pass the time playing with the latest video games 3D could avoid using ultra-powerful cards , and focus on performance models more limited, often the absence of a fan and a heat sink size contained indices of energy consumption more low average. However, look at the specifications , where power consumption is indicated , it should help to clarify any doubts .

The best solution , if you do not need 3D , is to take advantage of the integrated graphics present in many motherboards is slow but its consumption very low . A movement begins to see instead the compartment mass storage Hard Drives Low consumption have begun to appear in the catalogs of major producers . Sure, it is not unity at high performance , often have limited rotation speed to 5,400 rpm and ignition timing and data access lightning less than those of the various Velociraptor and Similar . In return, however, greatly reduce fuel consumption and earn a lot in reliability.

Computers and electronic devices with low consumption usually declare their “Ecological” through special logos. Two of the most well-known are the Energy Star, which you can find on various types of electronic equipment (computers, appliances, home entertainment) and l ‘”80plus”, self efficiency power supplies for the PC. Some companies, then, are organized “on their own”, creating logos green … owners, as used by Western Digital hard drives for its


Yes, because these discs are subjected to less mechanical stress , and have a more robust components designed to withstand to a much larger number of starts and stops ( switching from off to on is statistically the moment of greatest shock to the disc , and therefore the one in which they are most likely faults ) . Next to well-known product lines , such as disks Western Digital GreenPower line , you can find other drives on the market with high energy efficiency less well known. Seagate , for example , sells a line of SATA disks called Constellation ES (destined for the more in video surveillance systems ) that combines low consumption at a very high operational safety. At this point inside the PC, there is not much it can be made ​​more park in terms of consumption electricity .

Or rather, the actions to be taken would a very high cost in exchange for small improvements . Let’s talk about changing the motherboard to mount chipset with a more efficient ( saves a twenty watts) , or replace all the fans with Models equipped with fuel-efficient engines . Outside the PC , the most wasteful component is Usually the monitor. In particular , the old models to tube (CRT ) have high fuel consumption , about triple compared to those of an equivalent LCD display recent production. Note that the CRT monitor presents usually also a power consumption in stand -by higher (especially those ” instant-on ” ) , and during operation consumes more power if it is to see screens ” Clear ” or, if it displays a black page uses except when it displays a blank page.

Regarding the LCD , the consumption depends essentially by the size , and then to save energy is better not to get from delusions of size , and buy the smallest monitor with a resolution appropriate to their needs. In the near future , new technologies should further reduce the power consumption of the monitor. in addition to LED backlight system , slightly more efficient than the tubes currently in use on most part of the screens, promising technologies class OLEDs , which use light emitting diodes to instead of the normal liquid crystal to form images , without the need for backlighting . Today the display OLEDs are still quite small , but the technology is improving rapidly and in a few year will be ripe to be taken on the screens large .


If you need to buy a computer Again, remember that notebooks are up to 5 times more efficient than the desktop equivalent power