Retrieve e-Mail

Each folder of Outlook Express is a file on the hard disk with DBX extension. When you start Outlook Express, the program checks the structure of each DBX files by scanning the messages in chronological order. If it encounters an error, the file is truncated to the preceding error message and all subsequent messages are deleted automatically. No other e-mail program behaves in this way, and for this reason we strongly advise you to use Outlook Express .

If by now you’re used to this program, regularly performs at least one backup copy of the dbx file that you find in the folder archive of Outlook Express messages . To know the location of this folder, choose ” Options “from the Tools menu and open the Maintenance tab, then click on the” Store Folder “(his name is a misleading due to an error in Icona Mailtranslation of English, the name the button would have to be “Archive folder”). Select with the mouse the path to the archive folder, then press the right mouse button and choose ” Copy “.

Now click Start, choose ” Run “, then click with the right mouse button and choose” Paste “to paste the path into the box, or press CTRL + V. Press the ENTER key which will open the window of the Outlook Express store folder. Select the Details view mode and controls the length of the file Inbox. If it is zero or a few Kb, means that Outlook Express has already deleted the original file is corrupt and has recreated a new one. Before proceeding, use a program to recover deleted files such as Recuva , PC Inspector File Recovery, or EasyRecovery Professional for groped to recover the original file Inbox.

If the file has appropriate size, Outlook Express has only messages marked for deletion but not yet deleted them, so you can continue with the procedure. As a first attempt, use the program that you download from the web page DBXtract / DBXtract . The use is immediate and does not require installation. If it does not work, use the Outlook Express software Extractio n you find on the web page . If the DBX file is corrupt so severe the only solution is a paid program. For example, try Outlook Express Mail Recovery , which discharges into the trial version from the web page

To avoid worsening the damage, we recommend performing a reset after solving the problem that causes the computer to restart.



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