Restore Computer After a Virus

As I said many times Windows is the most used operating system ever. Precisely for this reason it is the system most targeted by various hackers, that every day they spend their time looking for vulnerabilities to the system.

Once you have found the flaw, they begin to create programs designed to cause malfunctions to your PC, using just found the flaw. These programs are nothing more than viruses.
The viruses thus damage the proper functionality of your computer, and many times the only solution to fix the problems is to format all, and so reinstall the operating system from scratch.
Many times however it still managed to get out without formatting the system, perhaps using the appropriate removal tool, however this road, it is true that guarantees us to remove the malware, but in contrast also leaves all the tracks and changes made by the virus itself .

To solve the problem we can groped recovery by using the program that we present today, given that this is a utility that allows you to repair any damage caused by viruses now eliminated.

The program we are talking about is Virus Effect Remover , and we can download it for free from here .
The interface has many buttons, and for which it is initially quite tricky, in fact the whole is very simple, in fact, all the functions are well arranged in various places buttons in the left bar.

With this tool we will be able to scan and repair any damage caused during system startup, registry, services, and system files, and for each of us to display detailed information and reports of any damage found.