Reset password or other modification of the registry

To reset the administrator password on Windows Vista or Windows 7 you need to boot the PC from a special CD, which contains the wizard delete password. To get the CD, go to the Web site and download the file called ” CD release . ”

This is a utility to reset the password of any user that has a valid local account on the Windows system. Supports all Windows from XP to Windows 8.1, also a 64-bit server Download the program to reset Windows versions

It is not necessary to know the old password to set a new one. It works offline, that is, you must turn off the computer and boot from a CD or a USB disk to reset the password for.

Double-click the file that you’ve downloaded on the hard disk and expand item: you will get an ISO file, which is compatible with most burning programs.  To burn it to a CD using Nero, open Nero Express and click the Image icon disk or saved project, then select the ISO file. You have to burn the file onto a blank CD, the DVDs are not compatible. At the end of the burn, leave the CD in the burner and restart the computer. When the BIOS boot screen, press the key that invokes the menu for selecting the boot device: it is usually F12 , otherwise it is indicated on the screen or in the manual of the computer.

Some BIOS displays a menu for selecting the boot device if you press ESC, F8, F11 or F12 or something like that during the self-test.

Select boot from CD and wait for loading the programma.Il software works in the command line, but do not be afraid: continue to press the ENTER key to accept the default answers that are all enclosed in square brackets, to get to the question on how to reset your password.

Press the star key to confirm that you want to delete, then confirm your choice and save the change to disk. Now you can remove the CD from the drive, then shutdown and restart the computer. If your operating system is Windows Vista or XP Home version, there’s nothing else to do at the password prompt, simply press the Enter key. If it is Vista Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise you must ensure that you do not have file name highlighted in green: they are encrypted files which can be opened only when you’ve remembered the original password.

Program to Recover passwords to a file encoded Zip or RAR