Repair your computer

We’ve all to live moments anguish and frustration at the computer.

That subtle fear that you feel when you perceived to be in front of something potentially irreparable but , at the same time , you can not fully understand . One off clumsy , a voltage drop , a USB stick extracted too quickly from its housing , a any block that forces the system to a forced reboot of the machine, turn the next five minutes in an eternity …

And as we follow , mesmerized , the succession the obscure BIOS screens , trying to ” Help” the operating system is loaded even with the strength of mind, every pause, all black screen , each waiting for it prolongs even just a few seconds longer than usual propels us into an abyss of anxiety.

We will review the Desk and our icons ?

We will never be able to restore Repair your computerWindows ? we can go back access to our documents , our photos, wallpaper to that for months greeted us daily from the desktop ? Almost half of the ” home users ” employs more time trying to work fine your computer , than it uses to use it effectively for their purposes. Indeed, if we consider total the operations of ordinary and extraordinary PC maintenance ( backup of the contents , preventive safety , repairs and hardware upgrades , update software installation and uninstallation , formatting and reinstallation of the operating system , configuration of networks … ) it turns out, that is, that we all tend to devote to computer more than he will ever be able to devote himself to us. This ratio , already learn , is further worsened by a feeling of absolute lack of communication .

When things do not work , in fact , the computer begins as would occur in an oracle , using expressions that will not only be interpreted according to specific codes ( probably known only a handful of figures mythological ), but are inherently distressing . The ” not responding” ; Access is Denied “error “, the file is ” damaged or missing ” error is ” fatal ” to the inscrutable

The memory could not be read

” … Error codes incomprehensible translations maccheroniche , mysterious numbers , Terms evil which , by dint of being associated always the same situations , they acquired a secondary meaning , now prevalent than technical : ”

DLL: s.f. The one thing that is usually missing in a PC and the absence of which prevents you from starting a program ” … This impenetrability of communication, causes that , to this day , the computer continues to be surrounded by an aura of mystery , a cloud in which the urban legend , the cliche and the opinion combine to create a vision pseudoprobabilistica of reality.

Windows Fatal System Error


This , in turn , generates two effects .

First, the belief everything that a computer can happen, and that there are no precise rules capable of binding causes and effect in a link really compelling , means that anyone uses a PC invests a large part of its time to get to safety and pare her shoulders with all kinds of bizarre of fate. When, however, we became convinced that in the PC Things happen uncontrollably and , At the same time , you are unable to establish effective communication with the machine, it is quite understandable that begin to think of being able to understand mechanisms only resorting to a sort of ” intuition paranormal ” .

On the other hand it is curious to note that , despite technology remains at breakneck speed and ” Intelligent interfaces ” are racing to breakneck speed , a computer still does not know tell us clearly what is happening to her inside . Anyone who has ever stumbled upon a message direct and unambiguous like ” broke the sound card ” or a definite” according to the memory module has blown right : replace it with a bench DDR2 533 MHz 1 Gb ” ? No one . On the other hand , everyone is happened to end up with a PC that suddenly not most , and to have to to interpret the “beep” of the BIOS to then groped to find – going strictly at random – where the nest responsible for the failure , which is Whether hardware , software, or a phantom virus . The “beautiful” is that instead of solving groped and highlighting the complexity of the industry sector is increasingly using regularly a sort of ” hypocrisy institutionalized ” , that is willingly accepted by both sides, producers and users.

Optimize your computer


Think for example of the messages of the firewall , software that perform a function necessary, but apparently so complex it can not be explained to those who uses .

To the point that now you prefer rejecters and perform their work in way ” automatically incomprehensible” (and potentially erroneous ) rather than see them continue to ” pretend ” to inform the user with messages that no human , for what good will can never understand . Even the utility superautomatic , such as ” do -it-all ” , those that ” just one click to repair your computer ” before entering the action you always ask to express a series of precise and articulated preferences (required, that does not pretend to he never received , opting for uncritically the standard configuration ) and warn you dozens and dozens of risks you’re going to run ( and , of course, you’ll never be able to evaluate ) . And the “click” ends up match a roll of the dice . To be performed once you have set a restore point …

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