Remove the Bagle Worm

Remove the Bagle Virus


How do I know if I have the Bagle ?
If your PC shows these symptoms have the Bagle virus

● Antivirus and Firewall turned off and damaged , and any other security software the bagle uses rootkit techniques to hide.
● Prevents access to the executable file. In some software , especially antivirus software as soon as you try to carry an error is reported to the system ( ” Not a valid Win32 application ” )
● Safe mode is prevented so that the user does not have the ability to perform the scans.remove the Bagle virus
● Disable some drivers , and sound card
● Cause frequent blue – screen blue screen (BSOD)
● Sudden reboots the PC.
● Pages Internet not required
● Slowdown in navigation
● slow pc
● Speed ​​Internet deactivated
● Excessive increase in Ram
● Prevents users from accessing websites of antivirus to all the sites and the microsoft site to download updates , and Patch point your browser to the search page of the sites were found.
● Turn off System Restore congigurazione
● It infects files and the files in the pc, each folder it creates a file ” crack.exe ” trusted.exe , patch.exe , run.exe
● Take advantage of the vulnerability of the programs on your PC is not up to date


The file ” ” indicated by the error message is a system file that is never found in the hidden folder Recycler , which corresponds to the Windows Recycle Bin. This confirms that your computer is infected with viruses, because almost all the recent viruses use file names that resemble those of random or operating system components .

The symptoms are those of the Bagle virus , a rootkit that uses stealth techniques to make it difficult to remove and neutralize the virus . Bagle may be deleted from your computer without reinstalling Windows , but the procedure is more complicated than the simple reinstallation of the operating system and engages the computer for hours. You have to download a removal tool from the Internet as Elibagla (found by entering its name in Google) , start it and scan all hard drives on your PC.

Some versions of Bagle block the removal program , in which case you should scan again after starting Windows in Safe Mode. Sometimes even this precaution is enough, and you have to perform manual removal by editing the registry from the recovery console command line callable after you start the computer from the Windows CD .

If you can reformat one of your hard drives, there is a shortcut that allows you to remove the virus without too much effort. Disconnect all hard drives , except that you can reformat : plug it into the PC , instead of the main disk . Use your CD or DVD to reinstall Windows from scratch the OS on this hard drive , to remove all traces of the virus, when you get to the blue screen that shows the partition on which to install Windows erases all existing partitions and create a new partition . After installation is complete , connect to the Internet to install a good antivirus and Windows updates , starting with the last version of the service pack that you can find on the website . When Windows and antivirus are fully upgraded , reconnect one at a time other hard drive and run a complete virus scan of their contents.

The antivirus Bagle and eliminate other viruses that may be present . At this point you can turn off your PC and reconnect the main hard disk and backup as they were originally. Rebooting the PC will find your Windows desktop complete with programs and documents , but no more viruses and error messages.

To delete, you must download and install Malwarebytes from the following link: ““. Just downloaded send him running. Just sent in execution, wait until the program finishes updating the database, and click OK. After that, run a full scan of your PC, then click on “Scan” and select “Full Scan“, then click on “Show Results“.

If the program proves to be a virus, select it and click “Remove Selected“. Malwarebytes will ask you to restart your computer, do so by pushing on “Yes”.

After performing the above steps, your computer, in the end, it should work as before! The threat has been eradicated successfully!.

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NOTE Bagle damages the antivirus, so it would be recommended to uninstall and then reinstall the antivirus

Reinstalling Windows

is an operation of routine maintenance that needs to be done Occasionally , therefore we do not recommend to run emergency operations on the registry for groped to avoid it. If you do not reinstall ever Windows will continue to install and uninstall applications , your computer will always be slower and unstable over time . You can limit the problem by performing a backup type image hard disk , do it immediately after installing Windows , its updates and vital programs you use. If malfunctions occur , you can restart from backup instead of repeating the installation from scratch Windows and software : in this so keep the licenses , avoiding the hassle to repeat their online activation . If you really do not want to reinstall Windows to solve your problem in the correct way and recommended by Microsoft, and instead are willing to manipulate the registry directly , try change the access privileges of the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ ShellNoRoam \ BagMRU you want to delete. Select the name of the key, click with the right mouse button and choose item Permissions. Click ” Add ” and enter the user Everyone, that you have to give complete control . Confirm your choice and try to delete the key. If you get in the error message , call back the Security tab and click the button Avanzate.Togli the check mark from the box Inherit and put the check mark in the box “Override permissions ” , then confirm your choice and then try to delete the key.

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