How to recover photos and files from a hard disk broken or damaged

No one thinks, but the hard drive may break at any moment, making you lose photos, data, documents, e-mail etc.etc.

In case of malfunction of the hard disk the idea of losing all your photos, videos, emails, or personal papers you badly . Fortunately,  it is said that in the presence of a hard drive malfunctioning data is lost forever.

In the presence of a hard disk with problems we can do something more.


Warning: the following is not the “final solution” for the recovery of data. The purpose of the article is to groped recovery of data present in it in the presence of minor faults


Groped the retrieve files from a PC with Windows and Mac


A method to recover data as possible from your hard disk is damaged, it is to use  DataRescue DD . A program that attempts  to restore data and backing up corrupted storage devices. DataRescue DD creates complete or partial images of hard drives or memory cards damaged and saves them on other media, allowing data recovery while avoiding the risk of damage even more the media with the malfunction. DrDD is available for Windows PC and Mac OS X and can be downloaded at the following link:

downloads  | DataRescue DD


How to recover files from a damaged hard disk with Linux

If the Linux, it had installed hard drives damaged need a  second PC  to create bootable media.

The file recovery via live Linux can be made with either a PC  desktop with both  notebook, it is important that:

  • the computer can power up;
  • the computer  is able to boot from USB or CD-ROM;
  • if you have a notebook running but with the damaged display, guests can enjoy  a second monitor and connect it to the notebook in question.

The first step for groped to recover data from a damaged hard drive is to create a device with a  Linux live distribution, we recommend Ubuntu for compatibility with almost any hardware.

Then  burn the downloaded image  to a DVD or  create a bootable USB stick  via tools like Unetbootin

Create and load a USB Linux Live with UNetBootin

The trick is to find out  how to start your PC to DVD or USB stick. Usually just press the Delete key during start-up of the computer, look for a menu  “Boot Order”  (or “boot”) and set  on top of the  device from which to boot your computer  (DVD or USB).

Boot Device selection - UEFI

Note: if you opt for a DVD as the installation media for the live version of Linux, unless you do not have two separate DVD players  can not burn the files to be saved on the media. 

Now take some  blank DVD,  an external hard drive or a second USB flash drive  to use as support for data backup, insert the bootable DVD or the key created salami previously, restart your computer and  wait for the Ubuntu loading.

Booting the system, click on ‘ “File” icon  on the side panel (the second from the top).

Well, now cedrete list of all the drives in the system  , and from there you can get  the data you need  by copying the selected media. If you need to  burn the files to DVD media you can use Brasero,  the Ubuntu CD burning program.

Note: we used Ubuntu as a matter of compatibility, but it is possible to implement a similar process with other Linux distribution.

Remove the hard drive and install it on another PC

Excellent solution to recover data, however, continue only if:

  • the computer in question will not light;
  • you have  a second PC  on which to install the hard drive removed;
  • if the hard disk was a damaged notebook : you’ll need  a hard disk box 2.5 “with USB output  (to take advantage of the hard drive of the damaged notebook as an external hard drive) or an adapter cable  5V – 12V  (for install the hard disk of the notebook as damaged internal hard disk);
  • if the hard disk belongs to a corrupted desktop PC:  check that the second PC there is a vacant slot to insert the disk har.