Recover forgotten password Facebook

Very often we forget the password of your account on facebook, without which you can not access it.password-facebook

As with any site where you register , you can recover your password !

To do this go to and click in the upper right corner , in the blue bar on ‘ve forgotten your password ?, or go directly here . You will see a form where you have to fill in one of these fields (not all are needed !)

  • Enter your e – mail address or your phone number
  • Please enter your user name on Facebook
  • Enter your name and the name of a friend


After filling out one of these fields click on search . The automatic system will search your facebook account , if what you receive is your password reset click to end the operation , otherwise click not my account.

You will be sent an email , a text message or a phone call to reset your password .

Register on Facebook

Enter the main page: . On the right you will find a column that says subscribe , please fill in the fields below with your personal details and click on the green button that says subscribe to subscribe.

Soon you will receive an email (on the inbox of the email with which you are registered) where you will find a link to confirm your registration on facebook. If you do not click on that link your account will not be confirmed then your registration will not be ulimata. The e-mail sometimes does not come instantly, but after a few hours if there is not yet arrived to check if error is not over in thejunk mail folder or spam your inbox.

Warning: it may happen that you are not able to register because they do not have the minimum requirements , there are in fact the minimum requirements in order to register, including age: to register you must be at least 13 years (see Section 4.5:http: // ).