Recover deleted photos from Android

Undeleter is a lightweight and simple app for Android that lets you recover lost files after a mistaken deletion.Android

When you first start the application requests the verification of permits Root and then the partition or folder to carry out research and restoration.

The internal memory of the device will be automatically selected, but you can also search for deleted files inside the memory cards that may be present in the device.

Undeleter  provides two types of scans (Journal and Deep Scan) and in both cases shows at the end of scan files that can be recovered. Documents are divided by type (images, documents, audio, video) and sortable lists. At this point you can retrieve and restore the selected item, ricopiandolo locally on the device memory or copying it to a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

The free version only allows you to restore deleted images.

Research shows however all recoverable files but, to unlock all the features, and then to recover not only images but also other documents such as video, text and audio files, you can make a quick in-app purchase. Of course there is no guarantee it will recover all deleted files, especially if you have previously deleted files or other applications used cleaner.


• Restore deleted files from any volume – internal partition and SD cards
• Recover documents, photos, videos, music, files and binary files
• Save the recovered files directly to Dropbox and Google Drive



The free App, only restores the image. Buy the key to unlock the full features – restore any file, remove ads and enable background scanning.


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