Ranking the Best Marches Monitor

Tips For Buying What are the things to watch out for when buying an LCD monitor? For one thing, you have to choose the ideal resolution for us because LCDs work well only at the native resolution. Most of the monitors on the market uses two standard resolutions : 1024 x 768 ( models 15 ” ) 1,280 x 1,024 ( models 17″ and 19 ” ) . Higher resolutions involve substantial outlays and only a few users have a real need ( among them, those who work on the editing and CAD) . The 19 “model – despite having the same number of pixels on a 17” – have a higher dot pitch , and can be seen from a greater distance , which is useful for example for games or watch DVDs .

The second thing to consider is the type of input: if you have a graphics card that supports DVI , it is better to buy a digital monitor , which will ensure the best performance of the signal. If your PC has only the VGA connector , the LCD will be analog. If you work in a brightly lit room , with lights or misplaced , it will be better to focus on a model with high brightness and high contrast. And if your primary need is to show moving images, such as films or games, you will need to focus on a model with a response time as short as possible . The faster models now touch 8 milliseconds. Among the secondary characteristics , but that may be useful , we include the presence of USB ports and speakers ( reduce crowding on the desk ) and a wide viewing angle that will allow you to use the monitor even more people at the same time .

Finally, a tip is always valid : check the class of the monitor according to ISO 13406-2 , and if the unit is not in Class 1 (which ensures immediate replacement in the presence of minimal defect ) we advise you to let you show in operation before you buy , to avoid running into a bad copy .


Ranking the Best Marches Monitor The monitor of this comparison were subjected to a long series of tests laboratory . The complete sequence includes 5 different groups of tests, each composed of a variable number of tests (5 to 20) and focused on a particular aspect of the performance of the monitor:

the accuracy of the geometry , the levels of distortion , the accuracy of detail , the color rendition and so on. To test these “objective” have been added to the considerations technicians concerning ergonomics of the controls and the support and organization of the OSD (On Screen Display) screen menus , as well as impressions use accrued during the tests .

One good thing that we noticed is a good technological evolution of these devices compared to last year’s models , with an overall improvement in picture quality. This is despite the race to have the fastest response times in many cases has forced some compromise in terms of yield color and reduced angle of vision. Another positive note , none of the monitor had dead pixels , and up to a year ago to find defective pixels was absolutely normal . Another interesting thing is that three of the four monitor cheapest results are among the best from the technical point of view . Overall winner from the qualitative point of view is a result of the monitor AG Neovo , which incidentally, is also one of the least expensive of all. And the second place – with a gap of about half a percentage point – ranked the Viewsonic , which boasts the lowest price and has therefore been awarded our label for the best value / price .

Ranking the Best Marches Monitor




But what specifications to consider when we buy an LCD monitor?

Here’s what to ask the clerk which we propose a monitor:

THE MAXIMUM RESOLUTION GRAPHICS (a good flat monitor LCD – LED must be able to arrive at a resolution of at least 1280×1024 nowadays , so it is convenient to choose 17-inch monitor , as a 15-inch , not reaches this resolution) .


THE CONTRAST AND ‘ EVEN THE BASIC AND IS INDICATED BY A TYPE VALUE RATIO (eg 300:1 ) . Below a contrast ratio of 300 : 1 should not go .

THE RESPONSE TIME OF THE PIXELS AND ‘ THAT SHOULD BE LESS THAN 20 MS . ( The faster you reload a pixel and an overall ‘ whole picture , the less we will see contrails on the monitor when we play or watch a movie).

The VIEWING ANGLE (plus we get away to the right , left , up, down , compared to the LCD monitor , the more the image quality decays . Behold that this parameter should be equal to or greater than 150 degrees. That we move to the left or right 75 degrees for many , the image quality remains almost intact .

MONITOR TV DECODER INTEGRATED favorite TV monitor , because today’s computers have HD outputs that allow connection to a TV . way you can be able to use the monitor is as a screen for the computer as a TV and enjoy its integrated digital decoder , to even see the channels in high resolution.