Quickly load videos on Youtube

Although it may seem really trivial, the process of uploading a video from your hard disk to Youtube is not so straightforward and quick. From the point of view of the difficulties, no one would dare to question the simplicity of the wizard available, however the same is not true for the annoying steps you need to perform to complete the whole process of uploading. For those who love speed, can return uncomfortable upload the video by browsing the hard drive, insert whenever the relevant category and wait for theloading to complete the operation again.

Sure, I’d probably suggest to open a new browser tab, given that modern browsers like Chrome, IE or Firefox allow you to browse multiple sites simultaneously, nevertheless agree with me that it is not really an ergonomic method.

A very quick way to get out of this situation is not very pleasant, is the use of a completely free software and conceptually very elementary, Free YouTube Uploader .



To download the program click here . Once the software is installed, the first thing you need to do is to authenticate using the login information to your personal profile on YouTube. To do so, click the button Change Account , located in the lower part of the interface.

Now you’ve put in the communication software with your personal profile on Youtube, from this moment on you are able to interface directly with the site while never opening the browser normally as you did before. To add a video which will then uploaded to your YouTube account, click the button Add File . The thing that is very interesting and innovative while remaining in the same window of the control panel of Free YouTube Uploader, you can manage the title, description, tags, separated by space and deciding the category.

As for the tags to be used, I suggest you put those keywords closely related with the content of the video , so as to place the results of the internal search engine of YouTube, the video in its right and proper place. Adopt tag is not relevant, it is incorrect and useless strategy, probably suffers from the site.

Even the privacy policy and the setting of the comments are customizable so that you are able to control every aspect as if you were in the actual page of the site to upload the video.

Now you just have to press the button Load to start the process of uploading your video to YouTube. The operation speed also depends on your internet connection, at any rate you should not find differences with the traditional method directly from the site.

Clicking the Options , you can access the settings panel, where you can change the language of the software, select the automatic shutdown of the PC when the process is completed and enter the proxy server , if you connect from a location where you can not normally access the site due to specific restrictions.

Free YouTube Uploader allows you to add in your YouTube account more than one video at a time , so as to greatly reduce the time it would take normally.

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