Protect your computer from the mains via a UPS

Four out of five computers fail due to electrical noise. Yet it takes less than a hundred euro to protect themselves, with UPS or with a filtered socket . The moment when you remember that you should buy one is when , towards the end of a demanding job , there is no electricity and it frustrates the effort. We’re talking about UPS , also known as UPS ( Uninterruptible Power Supply) .

Protect your computer from the mains via a UPSMany users mistakenly believe that it is extra batteries , able to intervene immediately in case of a blackout. In reality, things do not work just as well , because UPS batteries are never simple ; inside them are also present control circuits that analyze the “quality” of the power line and are always ready to intervene to protect computers connected . Basically there are three major categories of UPS are defined as ” standby “, ” line interactive ” and ” double conversion ” . The UPS in stand-by power the computer through an internal electrical circuit , which is taken from the current that supplies power to the batteries. In the event of a power failure , a circuit shall pour out in this line electric current stored in the batteries. The line interactive UPS are very similar to those of the previous family , feeding the computer using the power of the power line after it has been filtered .

In the double conversion UPS , however, the voltage supplied to this computer is always the batteries that are recharged continuously from the power line. The use of UPS as batteries in the event of a power failure , however, is only one of their security features. Most electrical damage not caused by lack of power , but rather by the presence of minor surges or sags in the power line.
We can easily realize the stress undergone by the power of a computer without any special tool , just consider that in many parts of Italy it often happens that there are flickers of light bulbs in the house . Each of these tremors is a disorder of the power line , which is so large as to be easily identified simply by observing the variation of the light bulbs . The circuits inside the computer are much more delicate and light bulbs in areas where these disturbances are frequent , it will be easy for someone to come off. It is wrong to think that in the worst case an overvoltage peak power can only ruin Protect your computer from the mains via a computer UPSl’alimentatore , this component is in fact a current transformer which is behaving in a rather mechanical way . It is made to receive a certain amount of electrical energy input and perform precise operations that transform it in a different amount , with which power the internal components of the computer.

If the electrical power input increases suddenly , it is possible that the power supply will continue to do its job by providing energy but the wrong kind of internal components , damaging them too seriously . There is even the possibility that a power surge can cause damage ( and even put entirely out of use ) and the power supply , or the motherboard , processor and hard disks . For this reason, the UPS also often contain circuits that filter or electric current , as in the case of the double-conversion UPS , absorb any trouble powering the computer using their own batteries .

A difficult choice to buy a UPS , choosing the one that best suits your needs, it is a more difficult task than buying a computer. There are many models of UPS and, at times , some manufacturers market them omitting some essential information. Choosing a UPS, however, depends strictly on the computer you want to protect and the quality of the power line is connected. First, you must determine how much needs to be powerful UPS that you want to buy. First, we have to make the sum of the power absorbed by each piece of equipment that we want to protect , checking the labels that are usually placed under or behind each piece of equipment . To understand how to do this calculation , it is good to see that we will dedicate the next article how to calculate the power required for the purchase of a UPS.

Who does not want to use the calculator , you may refer to the table instead of consumption of different configurations, but take care : those shown and average fuel consumption may vary depending on the features of your computer. When you are finished we will have total power to protect, expressed in volt-ampere or VA . This indication is the maximum value of the power of all equipment to be protected , the UPS will choose must be able to provide it , otherwise it will serve little purpose . The second step is to choose the type of security you desire to obtain . The maximum level of protection is offered by double conversion UPS , but it is an expensive solution .

The line interactive UPS often provide adequate protection and are less expensive , even if they are not able to filter out some noise. To choose, then , you must consider both the cost and the location ” geographic ” to protect your computer : If you live near the factories, for example , it will be easy to see on the power line a number of disorders caused by turning on and turning off of the machinery, and then you will almost certainly turn to the double conversion UPS . If you live in residential areas and the installation of your own home is fully functional, however, may suffice even an uninterruptible less expensive. Once the power plant to be protected and the type of UPS that meets your needs , you can move on to consider the duration of protection during a blackout .

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A UPS with adequate power to the connected equipment is able to keep them in operation for about ten minutes in the absence of electrical power line . Of course, if you want to increase your autonomy , you can buy a higher power UPS , but we must consider that the UPS does not replace the normal power grid. It serves only as a temporary battery that gives you the ability to store your work and turn off your computer without being damaged.

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Many types of UPS protection

are not the only possible solution for protecting a computer. Many use simple sockets called ” slippers “, which they can filter out some noise from the power line filtrataprovenientiPower Protector multipresa filtratastrip . Most of these protections , however, are not sufficient to protect the computer from large voltage spikes and can not protect against power fluctuations or by the presence of complex disorders . The use of this type of electrical outlets is therefore recommended only in areas that do not pose any significant disturbance to the lines.


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