What Can I do about My Laptop Overheating

, you can not sufficiently reduce the temperature of the laptop , you should use a system of ” external cooling .”

This is of great help especially in the case where the notebook is used as a fixed location , with the battery being charged and the cause overheating of the notebook.CPU in operation for many hours below. In these circumstances, the processor works to the fullest extent because Windows disables systems for reduction of the frequency of work that serve to increase the battery life at the expense of performance. In addition, additional heat is produced , generated by the circuit of the battery , which helps to increase the level of overheating. Then even if you use an external monitor and is held closed the lid of the computer , the use of an external cooling system is almost mandatory because the heat loss from the metal plate under the keyboard of the laptop is discharged into the environment with greater difficulty.

The most simple tool for external cooling is constituted by a simple pedestal which keeps the handset slightly raised from the worktop. It is an effective solution for notebook computers equipped with air vents located in the rear of the chassis , for netbooks which disperse heat on a metal plate attached to the base of the frame and in the case in which the support surface is constituted by a thermal insulator , such as wood. Some models of pedestal even allow to adjust the inclination of the base so as to facilitate the use of the keyboard. Who instead of a laptop equipped with a powerful CPU , the laptop should be added under a plate of solid copper or aluminum radiator with a thickness not less than 4 mm , or even better , more efficient fan base .
Cool down an overheated notebook
These products can be portable or fixed . Those transportable are very thin and have two or more fans of small dimensions arranged on a bar of metal or plastic : the fans typically have a thickness that does not exceed cm , rotate faster and are therefore rather noisy . The bases transportable top are made of metal ( which facilitates the conduction of heat ) and equipped with a fan whose speed of rotation is adjusted , as well as on the basis of the temperature of the notebook , also in consideration of that of the surrounding environment . The basics are still ventilated higher , bulky and effective mobile ones.

The best models using a fan from 12 or 18 centimeters in diameter , which rotates very slowly and produces a noise imperceptible while moving much more air fan of small dimensions. Tips for survival To avoid compromising the efficiency of the cooling system of your computer should also abide by a set of rules for “good behavior .” The most important is to not obstruct the ventilation slots and not hinder the exchange of heat sink . This means that you should never put the laptop on pillows or rugs or soft surfaces and yielding . If you connect the notebook to an external monitor , hold open the lid of the laptop : if you have to close it , check with at least a certain frequency the temperature reached by the keyboard. If it is too high , open the laptop completely to make the system work better ventilation .

cleaning products computer
Also do not disable the power saving features of Windows: help keep the temperature , turn off automatically because the devices are not used , such as the graphics card or the hard disk . Also avoid activate a screen saver that makes work unnecessarily the CPU or the graphics card and set to automatically turn off the display and turning off the hard drive when the hard disk is not used for a period longer than 5/10 minutes. If you connect the notebook to the AC outlet , always remove the battery from the laptop so that this laptop does not overheat and produce less heat since the circuit of the charger is turned off. If the battery is lithium-ion battery , in any case, remember to reconnect the notebook to recharge it before it is completely discharged or the battery may lose capacity .

Some laptops allow you to configure the rotation speed of the fans in silent mode : This is an option that makes it less noisy cooling system , but that it decreases the reliability . If in fact the rotational speed is so low that insufficient air circulation , the motor that moves the fan impeller is premature wear due to the evaporation of the lubricant and begins to produce vibration . To solve this problem the only solution is to replace the fan , which has a variable price depending on the model ( from 50 to 100 EUR ) . Use the mode ” low noise ” only if you have placed the laptop on a breezy !

The dirt accumulated inside the cooling system due to noise and causes overheating of the laptop. Keep ventilation openings free of the notebook and clean the block sink calore.Per do you need to open the frame portatile.Fate attention, because some manufacturers predict that this face void the warranty.

Turn your notebook and put it on a cloth morbido.Togliete the battery and remove the screws that secure the rear panel to the chassis. On computers with metallic chassis , to be released by the rear must be made ​​to slide on one side : it thus gains access to the heat sink block .

rear panel to the chassis.

In notebooks made ​​with plastic , the fund can also be fixed to the frame by means of screws placed under the tastiera.Per remove , lift the display panel and remove the plastic band placed between the keyboard and the screen hinges . Loosen the screws or pry anchors that secure the keyboard to the keyboard telaio.Togliete careful not to break the cable that connects it to the motherboard.

dirt is more substantial, or if the heat sink

If the dirt is small , remove it with a soft brush and complete the operation by blowing away the residue with a canister of compressed gas having locked the impeller with a finger to prevent it from rotating out of control. If the dirt is more consistent or if the heatsink is not properly fixed in place , release the fan cable and the screws that hold the lock and remove it. Thoroughly clean eliminating the dust even from the screws fastening .

notebook made ​​with plastic material

Close the computer, place the components in the reverse order to that followed in the removal and tighten the screws. Pay attention to the length and diameter of these and turn them without too much pressure and do not use excessive force tightening.

Close the computer, place the components

External cleaning of your computer