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There is little to do, Pinnacle Studio is practically synonymous with amateur video editing on a PC.

Pinnacle Studio Plus video editor software Making Movies.

Although there are worthy competitors ( one for all : Adobe Premiere Elements ), the program Pinnacle is probably the one that has been able to create , over time, the largest user base. And this despite many versions have been characterized by a certain ” squeamishness ” on the front hardware : if the PC was not inside the right components , there was no way to be calm , and the sessions were marred by mounting blocks and jams different .

The strengths of the study , as always, are the operational simplicity (compared to programs properly multitrack Premiere type ) and especially the large number of plug-in software and hardware and accessories available to enhance the experience of mounting .

The recent version of Studio 17 has not led , in reality, the big news from the previous 16 . Sitratta , however, added a certain weight , because they make the program much more present , and indeed , given the delay in the European television technologies , we can say that software make it a ” future-proof ” .

The first novelty is that the program is designed to view , while remaining compatible with Windows XP. Of course , the hardware requirements change, and a lot. Studio 17 is hungry for memory and processor power. For installation on Vista, Pinnacle recommends 2 Gigabytes of RAM and processor Athlon 2.4 GHz or 1.6 GHz Dual Core In addition, some families of filters take advantage of the processor on the graphics card , so it must also be high-end . Pinnacle also recommends at least 1 Gig of RAM and video card Geforce or Radeon family .

All of these “recommendations” requirements become mandatory if you want to take advantage of the second new striking: the full support of high definition (HD). Studio 17 is in fact designed to acquire and process video material natively in all major consumer HD formats . In particular , it is expected the AVCHD codec (used , among other cameras in Sony and Panasonic) and the ability to encode H.264 to produce high-definition movies to burn to Blu- ray and HD- DVD . For those who do not yet have these expensive recorders , there is a function that records twenty minutes of HD video on a regular DVD 4.7 Gigabytes. And it is always possible , of course, record movies on video analog or digital .
The Ultimate version is composed of three discs : DVD Pinnacle Studio 17 Plus , with the full program , the Ultimate CD add-on modules , which includes SoundSoap ( for surround sound ) , the special effects and those of professional “Pan & Zoom ” , precision, and finally a DVD ” bonus ” with so much useful material to finish their edits. Installed everything, you will discover another new feature : the screen is resized to take advantage of the new display views.
In general, the entire user interface has been further refined and cleaned up , while keeping the now classic setting , with the three sections of capture (acquisition ), Edit (editing ) and Creating Movie (encoding and burning ) , the browser of the elements top left , the preview window on the right and the timeline to occupy the lower half of the screen. In the editing section stand out several new filters and effects ( for the package even includes a green towel to put behind the subject being filmed ) and a more sophisticated generator background music. Latest News meaningful meet instead in the ” Make Movie “, where it turns out that it is possible to encode the video for viewing on your iPod or PSP, or even run directly sending the video to Yahoo! Video website .
A small update for a great video editing program . Pinnacle Studio

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Pinnacle Studio Plus is the only video editor optimized for quick and easy creation of simple video for beginners to ambitious projects-without any special training. With Pinnacle Studio Plus as a creative partner, less time wasted in the creation of video and more time sharing them.